Swap with me?

All gone, thanks!

-3/4 full Republic of Tea tin full of Teavana “Japanese wild cherry”-
to:Meghann M

it is a mild green tea with hints of cherry, slightly vegetal/grassy
I just don’t love it, it’s too subtle for me

-52 teas 1/2 bag of cinnamon raisin toast-
-52 teas 1/2 bag of Apple Pie a la mode-

-52teas 1/2 bag Raspberry Cream Cheese Danish Honeybush-
to: Nik Harper

looking to swap one or all of the above for multiple other flavors or one other flavor of tea i have never tried before (preference to blacks and reds and mate – green, white, oolong and puerh are OK) bagged or loose don’t matter to me

you can also check my cupboard, i could be talked out of some of those if you have something on my shopping list.

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LENA said

I would love to swap some teas with you. I can’t sent you a PM though. I just started following you.

that’s fixed! let me know which to cross off (or all) :)

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SoccerMom said

AmazonV – I just got in the simple leaf’s Dawn I’ll trade you for some 52 Teas Pina Colada Honeybush (I’ve been dying to try)? If you are interested let me know how much you’d like to trade.

let me check if there is enough to be worthwhile (like 4 tsp) for a swap – i’m sending a 1/2 bag to Lena i a bulk trade – but i don’t remember if i had a 3/4 bag or just a 1/2 – i can also toss in some Florence (just got delivered) i know you liked that but not sure if you liked it enough you want some more

def 3/4 so if your good with like 1/4 bag (about 4 tsp) i am all over that dawn offer like syrup on pancakes!

SoccerMom said

That would be great! I already had you down on my “to send” list for the Dawn already. I’ll mail it out on Monday.

woot! if i end up with any spring cherry tomorrow i’ll send that too – the wegman’s near me sometimes has republic of tea flavors

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Meghann M said

If you care to try any teas teaplz sent me:
TeaGschwendner Strawberry Pepper Rooibos
Art of Tea Velvet Tea
Art of Tea Vanilla Berry Rooibos
Teavana’s Sencha
Zhena’s Gypsy Acai Berry Super Tea (in bags)

If any of those interest you I’d love to try the Teavana Japanese wild cherry.

i’d be very interested in the Art of Tea Vanilla Berry Rooibos , TeaGschwendner Strawberry Pepper Rooibos, and Art of Tea Velvet Tea

Meghann M said

I can send those your way. There’s roughly 1 oz of each left after I sampled 2 teaspoons of each. I hope you like them better than I. The velvet tea is quite complex, vanilla berry was just to similar to other rooibos I have.

great, i’ll keep a couple scoops to try overloading the leaves per Cofftea’s suggestion but the rest will be on their way monday – yea cupboard space (however temporary)

Meghann M said

sounds good, i’ll send those out to you on Monday! I’ve had to expand to a 2nd shelf in the cupboard. I better get to drinking some teas!

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Cofftea said

@AmazonV, have you tried steeping your flavored greens more concentrated? I like my flavored greens in a ratio of 4g of leaf:4-6oz water @ 160F for 1.5min. That may solve “too light” problems in the future.

i’ll keep a few scoops and give that a try thanks for the suggestion, i’m always hesitant to over leaf as sometimes it goes very very wrong (like mud)

Cofftea said

hmmm… never had that problem…

tried it BLEH, 2 tsp, 6 ounces, bitter bitter grass, no cherries in site, was worth a try though

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