36 oz steepers

Does anyone have a 36 oz DavidsTea ‘The Steeper’ (or comparable product)? http://www.davidstea.com/the-steeper-36-oz?&TF=8215E1C9208C&DEID=
If so do you find the thing too big for one serving tea (8 oz)? I ask because I currently don’t have a good means of making tea for 2-3 and making tea in one big container with a brew basket and transferring to 3 cups is just annoying. But I’d like to be able to use it for 1 serving also. Note that I will not be using it for 3-4 oz cups as I have a gaiwan and yixings for that.

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rantHappy said

I have the Teavana Perfect Tea Maker Large, I think it’s 32 oz. I do find it too big for one serving of tea. It is really nice for making a bigger quantity of tea, and I use it all the time for group gatherings.

I’m pretty sure it’ll work for smaller cups if you mark the side or something, but I found it more convenient to have specialized tea makers (bad phrasing, but yeah).

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I want that!!!

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