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Adventures to Tea

Mid to late last summer I drove a couple of hours away to Tecumseh, (Near Lansing, Michigan’s capitol city.) to go to a tea shop/parlor called The British Pantry, I wanted to have some different tea, buy some cute teaware, and of course more tea. And have lunch too. started out at I think about 12pm one afternoon, thinking that it wouldn’t take longer then an hour and a half. LOL! I wish! I didn’t get there til about 2:30, maybe closer to 3, and unfortunately they had just stopped serving lunch. Luckily though the wait person had persueded the cook to serve some Cream of Asparagus soup, (Which was delicious!) and afterwards I had some I think blood Orange tea (It was ok.) and some plain scones. After I ate I walked around, bought my favorite cup, dark brown with owls on it, (One of these days I will post a pic!) unfortunately I wasn’t feeling well by the time I got to the tea section so I bought the cup and left. Luckily I felt better soon after leaving.

So what are your tea adventures?

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Going to Teavana the first time was an adventure. I bought the least amount of tea as possible, because it is expensive. Yes, they try to sell you everything. I bought a pink see through tea cup, which later I got a second one. And i picked out a Japanese tea pot, that later my mom got me. I like to go there just to sample tea.

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