yssah said

good oolong - gaiwan = help!

i was gonna make a cup of Teavivre’s oolong and read the instructions on their website.

(i suppose i couldve just messaged Ms Angel but thought it may benefit others and get answers from oolong lovers out there)

anyway, my dilemma is:

using a gaiwan seems to be able to get more steeps out of this tea. and im guessing better taste?

is the difference that great?

should i wait to get a gaiwan first before giving this precious tea a go?

where can i get a gaiwan for a beginner (low price, ok quality)? and while on that train of thought/question: is there a wide range in quality for gaiwans or is one just as good as the other more or less?

do you dedicate a certain tea to a certain gaiwan? like is a certain tea is best brewed in gaiwans and others do not need a gaiwan so much?

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All my gaiwans come from here :) Good prices fast shipping

I also have this set, it is nice and not expensive http://www.yunnansourcing.us/store/product.php?id_product=285

I use my gaiwans for oolongs and puerhs and some green teas :)

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