Doulton said

Dammann Brothers Teas: Any USA drinkers interested?

Those Dammann Frères get excellent reviews. I have a plan: on my next pay-day (March 31) I will place an order with them. If you want to join up with me, I will go ahead and either place an order for you, or split an order with you. Maybe even two or three or four of us can go in on an order of “Jardin des Tuileries” or Mélange Mystérieux" or “Thé des Sages”. The loose teas are sold in lots beginning at 100 grams and going up to 1000 grams. There are tea bags as well, although I have not yet looked at them.

They even have a tea named in honour of the ship-wrecked Paul ét Virginie (a staple of university romanticism courses).

I will pay for the postage from France. You can pay me at the end if you are satisfied. You can go to the web site and see what they have. It’s easy to convert the Euros to US dollars.

I cannot, of course, guarantee you of the quality in advance, only the reputation. I also cannot front the money for too many orders: but for sincere tea drinkers who’d like to give this a try, go ahead and browse the web page and send me a PM—or post here. And please know that I do not seek to make a profit, although sharing an order appeals to me for lots of reasons—the ability to try many teas instead of just 2 or 3, primarily.

You won’t need to pay anything until the tea arrives “chez vous.”

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These look AMAZING!! I am going to make myself a cup of tea and peruse the site – I will PM you!

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Cofftea said

Would anyone want to share Meng Ding Huang Ya, green mate, and green pu erh w/ me?

i would share a Meng Ding Huang Ya

SoccerMom said

I would also share Meng Ding Huang Ya.

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i 100% love this idea (what i was trying for with trying the hibiscus teas) i will check out the website and get back with the quantities and types i’d be interested in – no need to front i could send you a paypal or check once you have settled on the order and know the break down.

And then we all go to the Russian Tea Room!!!!!!!!!! ;)

man this is apparently my season, go spring
c)spiffy teas from far away
can it get any better?

So I am considering the following, but only should rally get 1-2 and only if i can split them with someone.

Meng Ding Huang Ya-This tea is rare as it can only be plucked at springtime. It comes from the mountain Meng, in Sichuan province, where tea growing started during Han dynasty, more than 2000 years ago. At that time, yellow tea was only served at the imperial court. The 5cm long leaves are green with a pale yellow hue. The interesting colour and flavour of that tea come from a very unique processing technique. The fresh leaves undergo a swift withering and are then rolled in small quantities in “Niu Pi Zhi”, a kind of old yellow paper, in which they are left to dry naturally. This tea shows a pale yellow cup with a mellow character with hints of walnut.

Pomme d’Amour-For this blend of China and Ceylon teas, a warm atmosphere of caramelized oven- cooked apples, raised with a point of maraschino; pieces of apple et petals of sunflowers. To be tasted in an armchair.

Thé des Cigales-Yunnan tea, flavoured with fresh fig, essential oils of clementine and nutmeg. Sprinkled with seeds of lavender, sunflowers, petals of red roses and orange

Earl Grey goût Russe-Blend of China and Ceylon teas with essential oils of citrus fruits: bergamot from Calabria, sweet orange and green lemon from Italy. Embellished with peel of orange and bluebonnets.

Noël en Alsace-A blend of non smoked teas from China and Ceylon with orange, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, orange peels and corn flowers.

Paul & Virginie-Blend of China and Ceylon teas, flavoured with caramel, cherry, strawberry, raspberry and vanilla.

Vanilla-A blend of Ceylon and China teas with vanilla and vanilla pod pieces. Soft and sweet.

Black flavoured tea honey-A blend of Ceylon & China teas with honey.

In my PM to Doulton I told her I’d love to split Paul & Virginie and The des Cigales, but all the others look good too. I pretty much would split any of the flavored black teas – they all look so unique and beautiful!

I tried not to look at the pictures or I’d have wanted them all! it’s a shame we can’t start a spread sheet list and chart in how many people would want each flavor so it would be easier to say get a 100g bag split 3 ways here and 200g 4 ways here….


how do people feel about survey software? like survey monkey?
like if the survey had all the flavors and you plugged in how many grams in multiples of 10 they would want (0-whatever) and put in their steepster handle as their name…

Meghann M said

I’d love to try the Paul & Virginie. I made a list of teas that sound good. Now just to narrow it down…there are just so many. Anyone want to share some of the following:
Coquilcot Gourmand-Black teas from China and Sri Lanka blended with pink peony and cornflower petals, flavoured with poppy, biscuit and marzipan flavours.

Gout Russe Douchka-A blend of beautiful Ceylon and Indian teas with a rare selection of pure citrus oils. Time of infusion : 4 to 5 minutes

Melange Mysterieux-Blend of China and Ceylon teas, flavoured with essential oil of blood orange, peach, strawberry and cherry, mallows and petals of sunflowers. Time of infusion : 4 to 5 minutes

Nosy Bey-Chinese tea, flavoured with vanilla and peach. Embellished with pieces of fruit and sprinkled with petals of red roses. Scent of France and the Islands. Time of infusion : 4 to 5 minutes

Paul & Virginie-Blend of China and Ceylon teas, flavoured with caramel, cherry, strawberry, raspberry and vanilla.

Cerisier de Chine-Sencha green tea blended with cherry flavour and ornamented with rose petals. A highly fruity cup.

Nuit a Versailles-China green tea is blended with scents associated with Versailles gardens since the 17th century : Bergamot essential oil, kiwi, peach, orange blossom and violet flavours…

@MeghannM – i’d share Paul & Virginie and Cerisier de Chine

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teaplz said

Thinking on it Doulton… I’m seriously interested in French tea. I’m going to have to peruse their website a bit and PM you!

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Meghann M said

Definitely interested. I will have to look at the website when I return home from work.

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PattiM said

Seriously considering this, Doulton!

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SoccerMom said

I’m definitely interested.

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Ricky admin said

Add me to the list =]

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(i figured i’d check and see what everyone thinks of the idea before i go ahead and re-type the entire catalog)

SoccerMom said

Thanks AmazonV for bring organization to all this!

Meghann M said

Looks good AmazonV!

ok, since everyone can see it and likes it the current plan is to add all teas to the list tonight

Cofftea said

Am I the only one totally missing the green pu erh on the spreadsheet…?

i haven’t added all the teas yet, if you have the time feel free to start adding them in, i just got home from work and am eating dinner now

ok, everyone as of now (1 am eastern) should be up to date in there, and all the loose leaf teas except plain black are listed along the side (think of it as a menu)

Wow – the spreadsheet is fantastic!!! I wanted to update it because two of the greens Meghann M was interested in look good to me, but I couldn’t find Nuit a Versailles on the spreadsheet. Violets! I am crazy for violets!!! :) The cherry green tea that you both are interested in looks great too and I put an X to share that one. This is SO FUN!!!

EDIT – found it!! It’s under blacks but I was looking under greens. Sorry!!!

Meghann M said

I edited my choices to opt out of nosy bey and paul & virginie. The others just sound so good and I should stick to around 5 teas. This is a great idea, thanks for organizing Doultan!

Doulton said

Wow! AmazonV, you really rock! Thank you for spending so much time entering everything into the spreadsheet. I just finished my entries. The spreadsheet will make it very easy to opt-in or to opt-out for people and then for me to place the order at the end of the month.

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Doulton said

Thank you so much, AmazonV. That’s really nifty. I do have some additional teas other than the ones I mentioned that I would like to try. I’m planning to spend more time reading the Dammann Brothers site.

And I really do not want anyone to pay me until they have the tea in their hands. It seems cleaner and less problematic that way.

ok, no problem – once i make the list everyone can go check off anything they’d be interested in, do you think everyone should put a maximum gram number they’d want maybe?

then we’ll have a better idea of which have enough to be worth while and which don’t have enough people.

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