Dammann Brothers Teas: Any USA drinkers interested?

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Doulton said

I saw that and I think it’s helpful. The reason I’m trying to order from France is that the illyusa markup is about $10.00 and I’m hoping to try some of the blends that they don’t carry. Most of the black teas or black blends in the French store about about 5 to 8 Euro—or about $7.00 to $11.00 in USA equivalent. With a big order, I’m hoping to save money in the end. Of course I am not quoting the cost of the “caddie” or the tin, which seems to be quite handsome.

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Doulton said
Yellow Meng Ding Huang Ya is 24 Euros, which is about $32.00 per 100 grams. I just want to make sure that everyone knows the prices of each of the teas. The green pu-erh tablet is also 24 euros, or $32.00.

I really would like to place this order on Wednesday or on Thursday at the latest so it is time to think of finalizing your order. If you cannot PM me (and I don’t understand how that works here) you can post here although we’ll need to figure out a way to get your mailing address to me.

Please review your order and figure out how much it will cost you then add 2 to 4 dollars to your order for my mailing expenses. Make sure that you are willing to pay that much. Please check the spread-sheet that AmazonV so cleverly created and see if you really want what you signed up for. I already have matters settled with three of you (you PM’ed me and I responded).

You can always go to the Dammann Brothers web site and check out the current price and then convert from euros to dollars so that you’ll have an estimate.

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This sounds like a terrific idea. Note to self: peruse message boards more often. If I’d paid attention 5 days ago I would have raised my hand here as well.

if you have time tonight you might be able to sneak in under the wire, take a look and see which ones you’d want to try, worst case you can put them on your wishlist and try to snag some via swap

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Doulton said

Morgana, you certainly have time. You have a few days. I’m placing the order on Wednesday or Thursday at the latest. You can check out the spread-sheet that AmazonV set up or you can go to the site and read about the teas:

Note that the prices are in Euros. About $1.32 is a Euro so a 5 Euro order is about $6.67 and an 8 Euro order is $10.67. There are easy converters online.

Cool, I will take a look.

Ok, I tried to stick myself in. Hope it worked, as I haven’t used a google spreadsheet before.

There was one other that intrigued me which was the fig, but since no one else had signed up I didn’t. If anyone else is curious about the fig and wants to go in on it, I’m down.

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Lori said

morgana- i let Doulton know that I was willing to split the fig w/u. I was curious about that tea as well…

Awesome! Let’s do it.

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Doulton said

I have the orders of: JacquelineM, Meghann, AmazonV, Lori, LiberTeas, and Morgana clarified.

The rest of you must get in touch with me or post here. I can’t order based on the spread-sheet alone and I cannot choose teas for you. I’m coming close to finalizing the order and the very last moment will be on Wednesday morning.

If for some reason you cannot PM me, then please post here. I’m not entirely certain how the PM system works here.

It looks like a large and lively order! I’m excited.
If you are able to send me a check, I might prefer that to paypal. It just occured to me that I have no idea how to get funds out of paypal or what it involves.

The people who are on the spread sheet from whom I have not heard have all now received a PM.

And please, everyone: I am doing the best I can but I ask you to remember that I’ve never done anything like this before; I’ve never been in business of any kind; I’m not trying to make a profit and I’m not a slick or smart person. In real life I am an extremely elderly absent-minded professor.

PMing-i believe you need to follow them and they need to follow you and then you are able to see a little send message icon next to their name when you click on their name and see their page

Cofftea said

Yes, you have heard from me- I’ve told you I couldn’t PM you. I can now and will do so sometime today.

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Doulton said

I am going to place the order tomorrow! So if anyone wants to revise his or her order, please send me a PM or add a comment here. I’m excited! Of course there are, to channel Donald Rumsfeld (why would I want to do that???) some known unknowns and also some unknown knowns: “But there are also unknown unknowns,” as the bard Rumsfeld says: shipping costs, customs costs, speedy of shipment, etc. I will keep everyone appraised.

Thank you so much!!! I appreciate that you are willing to order for all of us known unknowns, unknown knowns, and unknown unknowns!!! :)

Meghann M said

Thanks again! I’m excited to try these and hope the process goes smoothly for you!

And we don’t know what we don’t know, but I know I’m looking forward to this!

hops up and down this is exciting!

Cofftea said

I didn’t get my order in on time… life just got too crazy. Oh well. I don’t need more tea anyway:)

Ricky admin said

Same here, but the good thing is that now I can wait for everyone’s reviews and figure out which teas to purchase in the future ;)

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Doulton said

Dammann Frères tells me that:
“The indicative delivery term is estimated to be 8 days from the consignment of your order.”

Sounds like they’re using babblefish to translate the French. Lol.

Cofftea said

Hahaha! That’s awesome.

someone got a cheap translator :) WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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Doulton said

UPDATE: I just got this email from the Dammann Frères:

Your order has been sent off on 01/04/2010

Your package will be directly delivered to the following address:


In order to follow the consingment, please use the following tracking number ( ey 0567 1803 5fr ) by connecting you to http://www.colissimo.fr
Please note: it can be possible that this information isn’t accessible yet when you receive this e-mail.

Summary of the shipped order :
Jardin du Trocadéro – Qty : 1 – Total : 12,32 EUR;
Jardin des Tuileries – Qty : 1 – Total : 12,32 EUR;
Thé des Riads – Qty : 1 – Total : 6,64 EUR;
Nuit à Versailles – Qty : 1 – Total : 4,74 EUR;
Thé des Sages – Qty : 1 – Total : 5,69 EUR;
Thé des Poètes – Qty : 1 – Total : 4,74 EUR;
Thé des Cigales – Qty : 2 – Total : 9,48 EUR;
7 Parfums – Qty : 1 – Total : 5,69 EUR;
Paul & Virginie – Qty : 2 – Total : 11,38 EUR;
Pomme d’Amour – Qty : 1 – Total : 5,69 EUR;
Nosy Bey – Qty : 1 – Total : 4,74 EUR;
Noël en Provence – Qty : 1 – Total : 5,69 EUR;
Noël à Vienne – Qty : 1 – Total : 5,69 EUR;
Mélange Mystérieux – Qty : 1 – Total : 3,79 EUR;
Mélange des Chérubins – Qty : 1 – Total : 4,74 EUR;
Jardin Bleu – Qty : 1 – Total : 5,69 EUR;
Figue Fraîche – Qty : 1 – Total : 5,69 EUR;
Easter Tea – Qty : 1 – Total : 5,69 EUR;
Smoked earl grey – Qty : 1 – Total : 4,74 EUR;
Coquelicot Gourmand – Qty : 1 – Total : 4,74 EUR;
Charlotte au Chocolat – Qty : 1 – Total : 6,64 EUR;
Caramel -Toffee – Qty : 1 – Total : 3,79 EUR;
Keemun Mao Feng – Qty : 1 – Total : 12,32 EUR;
Oolong Châtaigne – Qty : 1 – Total : 10,43 EUR;
Oolong Sapphire Handunugoda – Qty : 1 – Total : 9,48 EUR;
Cerisier de Chine – Qty : 1 – Total : 5,69 EUR;
Meng Ding Huang Ya – Qty : 1 – Total : 22,75 EUR;
Temple d’Angkor – Qty : 1 – Total : 5,69 EUR;

Total items : 206,68 EUR
Delivery cost : 15,00 EUR
total order (VAT incl.) : 221,68 EUR

So I noticed that the prices were a bit lower than quoted on the web site (possibly for a bulk discount??) and also VAT was added. Their shipping was a wonderfully low 15 Euros considering how large this package must be.

The only financial surprises awaiting us are Customs costs. I have NO idea what they might be. Note that the quantity 1 equals 100 grams.

I’m envisioning a little picture of an airplane flying from point to point across a map, leaving a colored line behind to show its route like in those stylized movie interludes when someone is travelling.

Does the tracking allow you to see where it is at any given moment? Can we have a play by play? Lol.

wow, that is gonna be one big box!

Meghann M said

Wow, thats 3,000 g of tea all together. Amazing order. I’m really excited for these!

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Doulton said

The tea has arrived! In a large, fragrant box. That’s a few hours less than 6 days after I placed the order. No customs fees were required! (There are some USA companies who could take some notes from the French).

So…the only difficulty right now is that all the packaging bags I ordered have not arrived. I might have to go out and get some more “snack bags”.

100 g. is not a huge amount. I got a tea scale from Upton’s so that I can fairly weigh and measure these teas and get them out to you. Please remember to send me your mailing address if I do not already have it.

If this works out and you all like the tea maybe we could do another order at some point.

WOW!!!! That was so quick!

Meghann M said

They sure ship speedily! I’m happy that they didn’t charge for customs. I think 100g is 3.5 oz, which isn’t that large an amount of tea (30-35 cups, if you do the 1 tsp/8oz method). But not bad for being able to try several teas. I’d love to do something like this again down the line! Thanks again for orgagnizing!

Cool beans!

wow so fast! i used the following mental picture 100g = 3.527oz and one 52 teas bag of tea = 2 oz so more than 1.5x a 52 teas bag of tea

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