Tea Retailers - Buy tea in bulk, direct from the farm

Aloha everyone, this is Elyse from Tealet. I just wanted to let you guys know that we are currently launching a wholesale marketplace for tea retailers and shops to order tea online from our grower network. If you are interested in sourcing tea directly from the grower with stories, photos, and videos for you to share with your customers sign up for the program now and we’ll let you know when it will be ready: http://wholesale.tealet.com/

The wholesale marketplace will be different than our retail marketplace (www.tealet.com). We will not be handling the tea, only facilitating the relationship between you and the growers. All tea that you order will be shipped in bulk packaging from the farm to your facility. Some farmers will be selling their tea in retail packaging in bulk so retailers don’t even have to repack the tea. Prices will be right and quality will be top notch!

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For tea bloggers here is a press release, please share this information with any retailers that want to source more tea directly from the farm. http://tealet.com/press/introducing-wholesale-marketplace

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