Tea at the crossroads: Future of Yunnan Tea

For all those Yunnan tea lovers out there, coffee maybe the rising sun over the lush tea fields of Yunnan! Falling tea prices, increasing demands for a stronger fix, and a hasty lifestyle demands a beverage of expedient preparation at an economical cost. Tea farmers in the Yunnan region already beset by climate change, crop failures and low demands now seeks a more lucrative export while catering to increasing domestic demands for coffee in a tea dominant China. Though hardly a major producer, China plans to integrate coffee with struggling tea producers in Yunnan. Experts indicate a favorable rise in coffee consumption with a knack for Yunnan grown coffee could supersede the lush tea fields with coffee bushes. A dreadful day for tea lovers, as big corporations and appetites now pervades this remote province of China which leaves even the tea farmers in sleepless nights…and once again tea bushes that currently dots this scenic

landscape will naturalize into trees in this uncertain landscape. But there may be a glimmers of fortune! Traditionalist tea farmers with an eye for sentiments in the generations of tea farming and love for tea itself will fight against the Goliaths of the beverage world…a fight for those who loves nothing more in the world but timeless peace, a cup, and a liquid to share with around the world. Tea.

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