emilie autumn w/ tea and cupcake social in pomona, ca

It is 3am and I am finishing up my first ever handmade corset to go see emilie autumn today at the glass house in pomona . Anyone else going? While I am out there, I will also be attending afternoon tea at Barbara’s Victorian tea room. :) so excited! So busy that I am actually tired. I am gonna nap on the ride there I think. Yay!

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I wish! I love Emilie Autumn and I fail as a fan not knowing there was a show at the glass house when its so close to me :-(

It was AMAZING! It was my 2nd time seeing her and so very very woth it. :D Don’t feel bad, I bought my tix back in November. Shhe is working on a broadway musical right now that I am looking forward to hopefully seeing live. Just check The Asylum occasionally.

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That’s awesome I’m glad it was a good show. Yeah that’s a fail on my part for not checking the asylum :-( oh well

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