Adagio's Yixing

Hey y’all.

I kind of want to get my first yixing. My budget is rather limited, and I have nearly enough points with Adagio to get their Harbin teapot for free, so right now it’s looking like the one I’m going to get. Does anyone have experience with Adagio’s yixing pots?

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I second this question.

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teaenvy said

If you research yixing pots you will realize that Adagio’s pots are not in the same class as the pots of fables and ledgands.

However, they appear to be well made and will be quite serviceable.

There are actually several types of clay that these pots are made from but only the most expensive pots are made from the same clay as the yixing of lore.

That does not matter at all. The natural clay will still develop patina from use and will still make tastey tea.

Its a good pot for a decent price. Since you can get it for free, that’s even better!

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I have read from many different sources over the years that they are not real Yixing. However, if that does not matter to you and you are looking for a teapot, I am sure that they will do well.

So they won’t absorb the flavors like a yixing?

teaenvy said

Yes they will absorb flavors!
“real yixing” is rather a miss label these days. Im not an expert but there are a lot of clay types used in the region where yixing is made. The original clay mine of ledgand was /or nearly tapped out a long time ago. pots made from this clay are hugely expensive.
Hundreds and even thousands of dollars.
But many modern pots are made with good quality clay. any unglazed pot will absorb flavors and develop a patina.
In the low price end you concerns should be if the clay and colorants are food safe (some wicked heavy metals are present in clay and colors), if the pot is pleasing to look at and is of a shape that will pour well.

Thanks, that was helpful :)

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