What are your favorite stores to buy Tea from?

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Kristin said

I’ve been really happy with http://www.SpecialTeas.com. And you can order samples for $1 each.

I also did not like the quality of Adagio.

Cofftea said

I checked out SpecialTeas and it appears all their samples are 1/2oz so the number of cups you’d get from different teas would very. Adagio’s Pu Erh samples are 30g just for one comparison.

Kristin said

That is true. But their teas are still very good. :)

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has anyone heard of…
I’m concerned that one… they are not really in China… there English is just good enough to set off bells because of their use of colloquialism… and 2… they don’t have a location listed… no address no phone number… how do I contact them…. you know what I mean.
Anybody? like em? hate em? Had their baby?

I found the following in their “contact us” link. That said, I’m generally wary about ordering direct from a Chinese supplier without first having one of my staff check it out for legitimacy. Good luck!

Address: 37, Yong Sheng Road, Kunming, Yunnan, 650011, China

Tel: 0086-871-8326785

Fax: 0086-871-3577823


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Lori said

So far, I love any company that sells samplers. Samovar, Upton Tea Imports, Cultured Cup (for Mariage Freres) sell samples and that is very convenient.

Another advantage for Upton Tea Imports: its website feels like an encyclopedia of tea offerings….

I have also had good luck w/California Tea House teas but sadly, they don’t offer samples…I wish they would…

I also love sites with samplers! thanks for all those sites, i will definitely check them out and see how i like them.

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Havana said

I know what you mean by random online tea stores. I have been let down myself several times before. But I recently tried some teas at an NYC food fair. The company was called Karma Blends. Their site is www.karmablends.com. They dont have a lot of tea blends, but some amazing herbal wellness teas. They supposedly have the best chai latte and some other funky tea blends.

Also, if you like fruity – I would give republic of tea a chance. However, you must make sure that you can return them if they seem old.
Good luck and let us know what you go for!

Karmablends wellness teas sound really great. I love teas that taste great and have health benefits. Eater’s Digest is definitely peaking my interest. thanks for the site!

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I recently ordered some samples from the Old Wilmington Tea Co. Their shipping was prompt and speedy, the packaging was quite lovely (including a fancy printed card with a code for free shipping on my next order), and the samples were a very generous size :)

Though the packaging used by Design A Tea is poor in comparison their customer service is a hundred times better than anything I have ever experienced before. I was just going to try the design your own samples but ended up splurging and adding one of their regular teas as well. I was contacted later that evening by the owner who told me that he wanted me to get the most out of my shipping cost so he would add any small tea to my order free of charge. When the package arrived there was an extra design sample as well as a coupon for another free small tea.

I’ll definitely be ordering from both companies again ;)

Cofftea said

All this free tea! I will be coming after you when (notice I didn’t say “if”) my will power fails. hehe;)

Please! Come help me drink all of this! I could throw massive tea parties for the next month straight and not get through everything in my cabinet XD

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My current favorite is the Golden Moon.
They have a flat rate of $4.95 shipping.
The teas come in great tins, so you don’t have the added purchase of a tea tin.
Of all the companies I have ordered teas from, this company has the best, freshest tasting tea. They are super speedy in shipping:)

Stephanie said

And free shipping with the code steepster!! :)

(I love free shipping codes!)

Kristin said

Thanks for the coupon Stephanie. That made it worth it to go order a few samples!

Cofftea said

Kristin- get the whole thing=D

Kristin said

Too late! :) I ordered Sugar Carmel Oolong (2 samples), Imperial Formosa Oolong, Sinharaja, and Coconut Pouchong. I would have done the big sampler, but green tea gives me migraines (oolongs seem to be ok).

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AllanK said

A store that doesn’t get enough press on Steepster is Simpson and Vail. They are not as expensive as Whispering Pines or Verdant but they are excellent. They are a good value. www.svtea.com.

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