Moroccan Mint Suggestions

I’ve never tried Moroccan Mint before. (I feel like I should have a long time ago since its commonly sold in the States, but I didn’t notice because I’m oblivious). Which tea brands/online stores do recommend?

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Serenity said

Good question! I have worked with families from Morocco and they used gunpowder green tea, fresh mint and sugar, lots and lots of sugar!

You know, I would’ve never thought to put sugar in minty teas. When I was in Israel, I tried their traditional tea, which was a cup with full mint leaves and sugar. It was surprisingly delicious!

NofarS said

Many Israelis (myself included) grow their own Moroccan mint. The plant is very hardy, very easy to grow, and mint tea tastes much better when you take a good black base and add a few fresh leaves (and sugar) to the mixture. You can always try to grow your own mint on a windowsill or pot (albeit the mint variety used here is sweeter and milder than peppermint, and I’m not sure that you can get it everywhere).

I tried growing my own mint when I was little but the weather and climate in my area (northeastern America) are unforgiving to the , and the plant’s invasive. And I can’t grow it indoors because I’m afraid it would attract white flies (my dad tried growing basil tea in the house one time). I’ve been thinking of growing it in a pot during the summer only. Seems to be the only way I can grow mint.

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Alphakitty said

There are tons and tons of different Moroccan Mint blends out there, and most of them are basically the same. My personal favorite is the Republic of Tea version since it uses only peppermint (I don’t like spearmint at all) and the gunpowder is nicely smokey.

Thanks! I didn’t know peppermint was used as well. I’m not sure if I’m a fan of tea with spearmint since I tried spearmint-flavored gum, which I didn’t like, years ago. But I’m willing to try both.

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I like the Numi tisane personally, and recently discovered TeaGschwendner’s Le Touareg, which is a variant, and resteeps into a nice plain gunpowder. I have yet to try the Moroccan Mint from same company, but plan to soon.

Alphakitty has a point. Spearmint was traditional for the blend, but now there are peppermint only, spearmint only and blends with both.

Kusumi is one that has spearmint only, one I hope to try soon, as I prefer spearmint to peppermint.

Thanks for the suggestions, Kasumi! :)

Jude said

I’m with you, Kasumi, I love Numi’s version, and I generally dislike mint teas because I find them too one-note; Numi’s is softer and more interesting. I also like Allegro’s Northwest Minty Green, which is a spearmint-peppermint blend.

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In the past I have loved Teavana’s blend, but since I used up the last of my Moroccan Mint from them I want to branch and try some from other companies. Butiki and Samovar are two that I’ve got on my shopping list.

Thanks, Veronica! Do you prefer Butiki and Samovar’s to Teavana’s now? The former look so much more expensive O_O

I have not tried either one yet, but both places have such great reputations that I feel confident ordering from then.

Since Starbucks purchased Teavana I choose not to order from them. I’ve had enough poor customer service experiences with them that I do not feel that they deserve my business.

I’ve been side-eyeing Teavana for a while. There is a store somewhat close to my house, but their sketchiness is one of the reasons why I’m asking where to buy Moroccan Mint from. It’s good for me to know you hold Butiki and Samovar in high regard.

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darky said

jingtea! a very good quality moroccan mint for the price they offer :)

Oh gosh. I live in America. I’ve never bought from stores from other countries. D:

darky said

i know they ship worldwide, and i believe shipping cost are pretty ok

OK then :)

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david said

You can try our twist, Moroccan Berry Mint :) We add a nice fruit undertone to the traditional tea and use a beautiful gunpowder green tea. $4.50 snags you 2oz with 15% for steepster below.

Plus discount for steepster folks is… “steepsterdeal” until Feb 28 for 15% off.

That sounds really good!

david said


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