Breville One-Touch Tea Maker BTM800XL

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Bumping up an old thread here to add that Amazon has these right now, refurbished, for less than $180. I bought one for only slightly more than that and am so happy that I did. I’ve become quite a fan of factory refurbs via Amazon—especially with small appliances, I’ve been able to get several things I’d never buy at full retail (Dyson vac, the top KitchenAid stand mixer, a VitaMix, and also the Breville Milk Cafe frother).

Just a heads-up if someone’s looking for one in time for the holidays.

(The plastic parts are usually new on refurbs, and the only significant difference is that it might come in a plain cardboard box instead of the retail packaging.)

Babble said

Ughhhhh why are you telling me this? This makes it so much harder to resist buying one now, LOL.

I think that my tea maker was seriously the best thing I’ve ever purchased! I absolutely love it. I got mine new, though, not refurbished, so I can’t say whether or not the refurbished ones are worth it or not. But I can say this: If you drink more than three or four cups of tea a day, you NEED this device!

Oh, I want one SO BAD. I was going to ask for one for my birthday but decided it was too extravagant of a thing to ask for. I could always save up…

It was a birthday present for me too… fortunately, though, my birthday and Mother’s day fall within weeks of one another so, I was able to ask for a combination gift of birthday present/mother’s day gift without sounding like I was asking for anything too expensive.

It really is worth it. My husband was skeptical at first given the price tag but he sees how much I use it and love it and I think he knows that it was well worth it.

Yeah, I tried that tactic. Today is my birthday (39, auuuuggghhhh!) and I was willing to forego Christmas presents, but my girlfriend didn’t like the idea of just giving me one gift now and then I wouldn’t have anything to open at Christmas. I told her I would drink multiple cups of deliciously brewed tea while watching everyone else open theirs. :-) Didn’t work.

Azzrian said

Happy Bday Rachel! Perhaps she has something up her sleeve and just does not want you to know it. :) Wishful thinking perhaps but I hope its true! :)

Happy Birthday Rachel! I hope that this year proves to be a better one for you, less stress and very happy!

Kaylee said

Me want. How’s the factory refurb holding up 9 months later?

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mrmopar said

happy birthday rachel!!

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Happy birthday, Rachel—and Lib, my birthday and Mothers Day are within a few days of each other, too. (As is the birth date of one of my two toddler sons.)

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