Angrboda said

Travelling Teabox Summaries

Good morning, all.

I was planning a few summing up posts during the journey of the box, and I have posted the first of them at my livejournal account.

I thought initially it would be used in a different way which is why it took me some 2½ months to actually tell you about it, but it’s there if you should like to take a peek.

A second post should be up in the not too distant future, I hope. I’ll leave a message on this thread when that happens.

(Note: You don’t need an LJ account to read it or to comment if you so wish)

EDIT Apr 8th

Nearly halfway through the list now!

Second post is up.

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Great summary of the planning that went into the TTB. I for one am very glad you got your way:)

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thank you, it’s great to see what goes into making it happen

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SoccerMom said

Yes it was interesting to see how it all started. I can’t wait till TTB 2 so I can participate!

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Erin said

Thanks for the summary! I’m one of the people who are eagerly awaiting another TTB, since I signed up for Steepster just a few days too late. I’ve been watching this whole journey unfold; it really says something about our little community here.
It looks like a lot of work and planning went into making this happen. Many accolades to you, Angrboda!

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Janni select said

You know, I saw the size difference in the photo pool on Flickr. And I wondered…how did it grow quite so much? :)

FTR, I only put in the same weight as what I took out. If anything, it shrunk a little since I ended up removing a tin and only putting in baggies! :)

Oh, also, it’ll be shipping out to its next destination tomorrow. I’ll update the sticky post once I’ve shipped it (as well as obviously notifying the next recipient and giving them their tracking number).

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