I can now enjoy my NOOK, and drink chamomile

Sort of off topic, but I got my NOOK to work. My sister helped me. And I finally figured out what was wrong. :) I have a lot to read, so I better get started.

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Lazey said

Sweet. I want a Nook. For now I read books the old fashioned way or on my computer.

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TeaLady441 said

Awesome! I’ve been using ereaders for years and I love them, especially when it means I don’t have to pack around 1000+ page hardcovers.

If you ever have questions about yours and your sister isn’t around, mobilereads is an amazing community that would love to help.

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I was anti ereader until this past summer. I fell in LOVE with the Nook and then my boyfriend got me the Nook Color for Christmas…I cried. So glad that yours is working again, looks like you have a long weekend ahead of books and tea :)

I want the NOOK color. Maybe I will save up for it??

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I have a Kindle, and it goes with me everywhere. I no longer mind long lines or if they’re running behind schedule at the doctor’s office. :)

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I used to work for Barnes and Noble selling nooks, so if you need any tech support via Steepster, feel free to ask me! :D

I have a Nook because I used to sell them so I figured I should probably buy one, too, haha, but I have to admit it is sitting, most likely uncharged, in a dresser in my spare bedroom. I can’t read on it! I want to, but I am so addicted to BOOKS themselves that going electronic is hard for me. Even when I check them out of the library (so I don’t OWN them) I still feel like reading from a book is just somehow more satisfying… My new library does the ebook check out, though, so maybe I will try that route again (and then I don’t have to worry about running to the library Saturday morning before I get fined for my 12 books I have out haha).

Josie Jade said

I agree, Madeline! Everyone keeps telling me to get a nook but I just love the smell and heft of a good old library book. I put my current book in my tote bag purse and just pull it out whenever I have a few minutes to read. Yes, I get some odd looks but I just think a real book is more satisfying than an electronic one. And browsing through shelves at the library is so much nicer than browsing around for books online. I think I’m just really old fashioned!

I have a book mark that says: A room without books is like a body without a soul. So true. I downsized my books, and mostly use my NOOK now.

Thank you for offering help.

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