Tea Latte Recipes & Other Concoctions

So I just found myself on the coffeemate website wondering if any of their MANY flavors would blend well with any teas (I was thinking cinnamon apple tea + vanilla caramel creamer?) The combinations seem endless…but then again I wonder if coffeemate will ruin the delicate flavor of most teas?

Long story short, does anyone have combos they’d like to share? Mixtures other than straight up tea + milk?

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Hi I actually blog about just this. Unique ways to use tea like combining with wine, cooking, etc… I have anew receipes up on my blog if you would be interested. Here is the link…
Good luck on your search :)

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Andie select said

I made up a nutella honeybush latte.. It’s pretty good.
I start with a blend of Adagio Tea’s hazelnut honeybush and chocolate honeybush. Then I melt half a tablespoon of nutella into the milk that I froth. It’s pretty delicious.

Wow what a cool idea. Thanks for sharing :)

Dustin said

OMG I love Nutella! That sounds great. There is this chocolate hazelnut milk that tastes like you are drinking Nutella and it’s really good.

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Personally I’m a fan of the London Fog – 3tsp Earl Grey steeped in 8oz water, then mixed with 8oz frothed milk and 2 pumps Starbucks vanilla syrup. :)

Lala said

Also one of my favorites. I use mexican vanilla in place of syrup.

Yummy! :)

Donna A said

Will try!

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ooooo yeah. any sweet rooibos blend mixed with warm almond milk! I also love DT’s Pumpkin Chai with Southern Butter Pecan International Delight. and i love making instant hot chocolate (esp the carnation dark chocolate) using brewed tea instead of water. My current favourites are peppermint, and Fantasy Island which is a black tea with raspberry and coconut!
And then there are my matcha latte’s which I make with several different brewed teas.

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wow these all sound awesome!!! cant wait to try some of these ideas :)

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Lazey said

I like using tea to make hot chocolate. Just a cup of whatever tea will go good with chocolate and some of whatever cocoa mix I have in the house. Yesterday I used Earl Grey cream to make cocoa and it was awesome.

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