Did you know that racoons love tea? Evidentally they do. However you won’t see any of them sitting around a short table, chatting it up while waiting for a three-minute steep. They’ll just chew a hole in your backdoor, knock over your pantry and ravage anything and everything inside. Anything that wasn’t in a can or in a tin was eaten or destroyed. Nine different boxes of tea were sacrificed to these monsters last night. Unfortunately, the lead-in door was closed so my dog couldn’t get to the little buggers. He would have ripped them to pieces to be sure. So, I’m spending my day cleaning up and repairing the damage. Has anyone else had a tea violation like this or am I alone in my depression and recovery?

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K S said

Sorry for the carnage and loss of tea but that is a freakin awesome story to tell. Raccoons are incredibly smart and inventive. They must not have liked what was in the tins (maybe they couldn’t smell through them) or they would probably have gotten them open. We have to weigh down or trash can with a concrete block to keep them out. Your dog is lucky he couldn’t get to them because one raccoon is more than a match for a hunting dog. Did they at least have good taste in tea? My wife says to take some joy in knowing the little boogers laid awake all day on a caffeine buzz.

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Dustin said

I’m sorry, I’m still stuck on the part where they CHEWED A HOLE THROUGH YOUR DOOR!!!! WTH Nature?!

They are kinda cute from a distance, but man those things are vicious! I have had a few chickens torn apart by them before. Not pretty.

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Wow, that is crazy. Not the tea stash!

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Wow, that sucks. I’m sorry that happened to you!

Not on the same level as your story, but my friend’s three year old son decided to make tea. He knew he wasn’t allowed to touch the stove or three kettle, so he decided to be inventive. He dumped three bags of her tea in the sink and turned the water on. Needless to say, he had an unhappy mom.

That’s adorable though!

I thought it was pretty smart for a three year old.

Kamyria said

Lol… I agree… That’s pretty darn clever for a three year old!

Uniquity said

He made cold brewed iced tea, very cool.

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Kamyria said

Oh my! I’m sorry about your tea stash, that’s just horrible. Hopefully one day you’ll be able to look back and laugh because this is definitely an entertaining story to tell… Lol Now I can’t get rid of a mental image of caffinated raccoon laying belly up with wide opened eyes, unable to sleep…

These suckers are vicious… There is one that likes to come and sit high up in one of my trees in the backyard. When he comes he sits there whole day until dark…


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You could totally turn that into a great commercial.

Lala said

A superbowl commercial :)

Good point. :)

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