T.C. said

Label Makers?

What types of label makers do people have for their tins/bags/etc?
I got a cheapo Epson LabelWorks LW-300 for $9 the other day which works fine but doesn’t allow me to get all the info on the label I’d like.

What do you all use?

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Neither of these are label makers per se, but,

I’m considering getting Post it note label tape


(In green though) but not sure yet. I may also speak to a crafter on etsy and get some custom decorating tags and use those.

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Em said

I print on address label sheets and stick the labels to my jars and tins.

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Lala said

I have a Brother P-touch. It seems to work real good and has options for size of print and label, etc. I received it as a gift but I am sure it was no more than $20 or $30. I believe it came from Walmart.

I think the P-touch is usually $20-$30 at Staples, depending on what model you get, and the tapes run about $10.

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Will said

I just use a Brother P-touch. I try to label with the name of the tea, year / season of harvest (if known), source I got it from, and when I obtained it.

In the case where I need to put Chinese characters or other things that I can’t easily do on the p-touch, I just print it out on paper and then tape it on.

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I use post-its.

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Katiek said

I’m very low tech. I’ll often cut the label from the zip lock bag the tea comes in and tape it to the tin.

NofarS said

+1 (and here I was thinking that I’m the only one doing this)

I’ll often cut out index cards and tape them to my tin.

cuppaT said

I use the original labels too. Until I think of something better this works just fine.

TeaLover58 said

I stick with the original labels as well…glad I’m not the only one doing this!

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Fiddling said

I picked up some round Avery labels and used one of their online templates. Aligning my printer with the label sheet was tedious. I had to print out several test sheets before getting it to perfectly align, but I do enjoy the end result.

T.C. said


Oh I like the times and temps listed on each!

Fiddling said


Dustin said

I think you win!

I bought some round labels like that at a craft store, used a Halloween stamp on them in a light color and wrote over that, but they don’t look nearly as neat as yours do.

Fiddling said

I almost gave up and wrote directly on the labels! I’m not sure if I’ll go through the hassle again next time I need to make more.

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