Ovation Tea's Raspberry Lemon Black tea - Who wants some? ::CLOSED!::

Hi all! I know there’s already a thread where this is discussed, but I only got one PM regarding the raspberry earl and I don’t want to have 15oz of this tea no matter how good it is. I’m hoping this thread will bring more takers.

So here’s the deal: Ovation Teas is having a liquidation sale and blended teas only come in 16oz units (8oz for white) for $15.99. Awesome deal but tons of tea. I’m hoping to buy this and split it off to others who want it.

So here’s the cost break down. You’ll pay $1 per ounce of tea you want, plus + 25 cents per dollar (to cover the initial shipping price of $10 I’ll be paying to get the tea sent to me), and whatever shipping it costs to send the tea from me to you.

If we can meet up in NYC or maybe even Westchester, you’ll only pay for the tea and 25 cent per dollar of tea you get.

Example: If you get 2 oz of Raspberry Earl your tea total is $2. Add 25 cents per dollar of tea is 50 cents. If shipping to you costs me $3, your complete total is $5.50 for 2 oz of tea.

I hope that sounds fair! I just want to get the logistics out of the way so we have no misunderstandings later.

PM me if you’re interested!

Thanks. :)

EDIT – So apparently I’m kind of an idiot and ordered Raspberry Lemon Black tea instead of the Raspberry Earl Grey. Understandable, a few of the people who wanted the Raspberry EG were not interested in the Raspberry Lemon, so I’m hoping some people out there will be interested in the terms described above for Raspberry Lemon Black Tea. I have 4 oz (maybe 6oz if Jillian doesn’t get back to me). PM me! :)

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Cavocorax said

I’ll take 4oz so long as you don’t mind shipping to Canada. (With USPS prices going up, I’m taking a gamble that this will be cheaper overall, but it sounds tasty). I can pay through PayPal.

If you follow me back, I can send more details.

I am following you now. I sound like a stalker. I swear I’m not! It’s safe to send me your address! (muahahah)

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I would also be interested in this if you were willing to ship to the UK. I have Paypal too and could pay that way. Say around 4oz. :)

Kitty, the 4oz are yours! PM me with details! I’ll ship out once my order arrives. I have yet to get a shipping notice from them, but their confirmation email did say that it could take them a week before shipping.

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4oz left to be claimed!

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Lazey said

I’ll take 2 oz. I wouldn’t be able to pay for it until next weekend though. (Get paid on the 8th, so after then)

No problem! PM me and we’ll exchange details. :)

Lazey said

Ok, I think you need to be following me too for me to PM you.

I thought I already was. Ooops. :) Following now.

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All claimed! Thanks everyone!

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That was fast! Thanks guys!

Cavocorax said

Good to hear! I was worried you’d get stuck with extra tea. :P

Thanks for your concern. Haha. I guess we should know that it’s easy to get rid of reasonably priced tea in this community. :)

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