Valentine's Day Gift Guide

With Valentine’s Day around the corner I decided to put together a fun guide for the tea lover in your life. If you have a gift guide to share as well please include a link here. I love to see as many love inspired tea gifts as possible. I just adore all things pink, sweet, with hearts, and more. Don’t you?

Here is mine:
P.S. I made these so I am a bit partial to them but seriously they are wonderful. ;)

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Azzrian said

I can personally attest to this
I got some awhile back and LOVED it – wow it was maybe a few months ago – I used it up really fast – well my daughter did help too haha.

Thanks Azzrian! So happy you enjoyed it and your daughter too. :)

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Sare said

Voila in frederick has Tea tins with 4 valintine teas you can check them out on Fb and or email them for more info [email protected] for some reason there websight is still not on

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