Non Tea Question but Veg*ns perhaps you know?

I’ve been looking into Vegan Food Swaps and I did find a group of bloggers online who do this. Does anyone know of any others? Have you participated?

Would there be interest in starting one here on steepster?

Would you be interesting in personal vegan food swaps or a Traveling Box? IF we do Traveling Boxes I was thinking about having sign up for 5 people at a time – your thoughts?

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Veggie Boards used to do vegan box swaps for XMas. Not sure if they still do boxes since I’m not an active member of the community anymore. I would be interested in doing a Vegan Food Swap. I would love to have some new convenience items for my hubby. I have so many food intolerances that its not practical for myself but he’s dying for new things to try and we have a lot of vegan items in the area we can contribute.

I would love to start one! I can find some odd ball stuff but when it comes to the masses it’s hard to find stuff where I live that I can get often! I have been ordering online, some, too! I hope we get some more interest (and even if we don’t I would love to do care packages to each other!!!!)

Thanks Stacy!

That would be great! I would love to swap with you. We have a lot of health food stores in the area, Whole Foods (which does have a fair amount of local companies), and even a vegan cupcake shop that is amazing. We have it pretty good, especially since we are 45min from Philly and 1 hour from NY, so there are a ton of vegan restaurants.


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Azzrian said

I am not vegan but I would be interested in doing this because I respect the vegan way and always am interested in trying and sharing new things!

Awesome response! Thanks! All are welcome to participate :)

Azzrian said

thank you :)

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Sil select said

So random question – how would a travelling vegan box work? Honestly I’m more just curious in to what you’re thinking. I’m not vegan either but depending on what/what we’re thinking I’d be open to participating since i’m always down for food related new-ness! :)

Wellllll….this is a brainstorming type thread so you’ve posed an excellent question! I was thinking non-perishable, really, would work best! Whatever we put in the box should have ingredients clearly marked (and most things do anymore) and everything we swap would be free of ALL animal ingredients and by-products.

I have found a lot of discount stores will surprise you! For example I have been finding some really awesome things at BigLots and Aldi lately, but also local mom & pop shops!

Perhaps we could do bulk items – and use small mason jars for those – probably the best way to ship would be flatrate box if we do allow mason jars for dry mixes and bulk????

Within the next 15 mins I will post some random vegan ideas via links! Just to get the ole creative juices flowing :)

Big Lots? Do tell more!!!!!!!!

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I’d LOVE to do this but can’t right now…but some great ideas if we start one!!!

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Some Brands to consider – the brand isn’t necessarily vegan but are/could be vegan friendly:

Bobs Red Mills
Newman’s Own
Tasty Bite
Late July
Dr. McDougalls

(feel free to add to the list)

Amy’s Kitchen
Taste Adventure (Soup Mixes)
Annie Chun
Road’s End Organics
Nacho Mom’s
Wegman’s Brand has many vegan options and they mark it VEGAN :)
Simply Organic
Edwards & Sons
Harvest Suns
Frontier Co-Op
Trader Joe’s
Whole Foods
Wild Oats
Muir Glen
Peanut Butter & Co
Red Star
Food For Lovers
Wildtree Products have some great options

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Some random ideas…

Grains/alternative pastas that are packaged well Breakfast/Protein Bars (Lara Bars are awesome as well as others!) Canned Items Bottled Items Nuts, Seeds, Sprouting Seeds, etc Alternative Oils Well packaged juices, dressings, etc boxed/dry items Spices

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In a little bit I will post the first official thread for the first 5 swappers. That will be our first round. As more are interested in 5’s we can start additional rounds :)

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I wish I could do this, but I live in the middle of NOWHERE, so there really are not many vegan places around me! Let me know how this first swap round goes, though, and maybe I can stock up and participate in the next go round!!!

I kind of live in the middle of nowhere, too! LOL It’s a great op for you to get some loot and maybe even swap some stuff that happens to be vegan from your stores there that others don’t have…such as someone in New York State might have a Wegmans but someone in Nebraska doesn’t and they can send a store brand over to them OR dried fruit they might find or even a candy you have on hand. Anything really :)

True! Ok you convinced me! Mostly because it gives me an excuse to order some gopal vegan wrap things from offline that are DELICIOUS but I couldn’t justify ordering before ;) a few for the box, a lot for me…..

Those sound interesting!

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