James Norwood Pratt - A Tea Legend

I just wanted to see how many people in the Steepster community have had the unique opportunity to meet James Norwood Pratt. I wrote about my magical day of tasting teas with him here: http://www.tching.com/2013/02/u-s-grown-teas-exploring-a-new-frontier-with-james-norwood-pratt/#

Does anyone else have any great Norwood stories?

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Hey Elyse. I really enjoyed knowing that you met Mr. Pratt. Id love to share a story with you and chat.

Shoot me a message on here or at [email protected]

Cheers :)

I just emailed you! :)

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I attended an event at Harney & Son’s SoHo and he was there. The shop was buzzing with chatter but when Norwood started to speak to the group, the whole crowd fell completely silent. He was only talking about how wonderful tea is but I’ve rarely seen such command of an audience before or since.

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