Can it get any better? Butiki

OK, so this is my first posting. About a month ago I guess I “discovered” how much I love tea (I don’t think I’ve had a coffee since. Anyway, I started using this website quite a bit for reviews, but also to see who sells some superior teas. I just placed an order with Butiki and received a “thank you—your order will be sent shortly” email from them. The thing is, this was personally written!

Is this actually normal? I don’t know if I’ve ever seen such a personal touch and service from anything I’ve every bought online. Are other companies like this? Who else does business like this?

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Nicole said

Many tea companies who use Steepster have this personal touch. It’s one of the many great things about this community. You find real people selling real tea rather than being a name and number in the internet ether. :)

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Yup! I got a handwritten thank you note from Verdant Teas the other day :) It’s great buying stuff from small business – they really take the time (and have the time!) to make your purchase a little more personal.

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Katiek said

I’ve gotten some lovely notes from Zen Tea Life, plus some great teas.

I have, too. Zen Tea Life is a great company.

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Andie select said

Butiki always has amazing customer service (and amazing tea) :)

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Sil select said

Stacy rocks my world…I’m apparently nearing fanboi status :)

One of the things i love about steepster is the interaction with some of the tea companies. Many of them take the time to include these personal touches in the orders.

Raritea said

I’m right there with you, Sil! Today I received my first order from her and I’m sure that it won’t be my last. Incredible customer service!

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Della Terra and Design-a-Tea are two other companies that have excellent customer service. I’ve received emails from both that were from the proprietor and kindly written. Love that!

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In a world that is becoming increasingly sterile & aloof (yes, I am a cynic, but an open hearted one), there is tea: honest, intimate & mindful. A celebration of uniqueness, as every cup is slightly differently nuanced, & yet the same, just like us. I love this, I love Steepster for bringing us all together, & I love our tea dealers for bringing us amazing teas & for the personal touch they offer, especially Stacy! She rocks!

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I have been very impressed with Tealet and Persimmon Tree’s customer service

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