Save 15% @ Culinary Teas

Save 15% off everything at Culinary Teas this week. This coupon stacks with existing sale prices. Coupon Code “FEB0513CT” expires 2/12/13

~Candie Yoder
Owner Culinary Teas

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can’t wait to use my gift certificate!! thank you!!

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I was going to place an order, but it was $15 shipping for a $30 order! Was this a glitch or is that really how much it would cost?

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It is all based on order weight and shipping zone. We only reflect our actual cost to ship.

I don’t run a business, so I could be entirely on the wrong planet here, but couldn’t you just use flat rate boxes to ship a few teas for like $5 instead of weight based $15?

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Flat rate $5 boxes only cover a very small package that cannot even ship 8 ounces of most teas. The next size up works for several pounds of tea but it would be $12.35 and we find at that size and weight it is cheaper to ship UPS. The flat rate boxes don’t work well for us in general because tea is so light and bulky it tends to take bigger boxes and just aren’t cost effective.

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Your site doesnt calculate shipping before I enter payment information….

There is a link under the shopping cart that gives you shipping rates for whats currently in your cart. It will ask you for your zip code and show you your options and pricing.


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I think Culinary Teas has a great selection and it’s awesome that there are sample sizes for people who want to try new things but not buy a ton of tea. I wanted to message this to you, Candie, but since you don’t follow me I couldn’t. I got a $50 gift certificate from your contest, and I was fine with spending the other $25 myself for the free shipping, but I wasn’t notified until after placing the order that 2 of the teas I ordered were on back order and now it has been weeks and I haven’t gotten it yet. If there had been indication on the site that they were back ordered I would have ordered something else, or the option to ship what is available and get the rest later would have been great. I look forward to trying the teas and reviewing them, but I wanted to give a little feedback on this. Thanks for your time, customer service, and being so involved on here letting us know what’s up with Culinary Teas!

We automatically send out notices if there are back orders unfortunately a large majority of them get flagged and end up in your spam folder. We allow for substitutions or what ever it takes to get your order shipped out quickly but since you didn’t see the email it doesn’t help us. We do have some weather related delays going on at the moment.

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