Traveling Vegan Food Box #2 (FULL)

Hi gang!
We have another thread or two on this – feel free to take a look at those!

For the first box we have Stacy (Butiki), myself, CharlotteZero, Azzrian, and Kasumi No Chajin participating

For this 2nd Box we have the following…
The order is:
Jennifer (TEB – Me)
Madeline Alyce

If you would like to participate in the 3rd VEGAN Food Box please let us know!

We will use a LARGE Flatrate Shipping Box for this!
More info VERY SOON!
BOX CONTENTS and How To Take & Give
- I (TeaEqualsBliss) will start off the first box. I will put in as many items as I can that do not exceed $15 in Value.
- The next person can either take everything in there and replace as much (or a bit more) than they take out with new product…OR ONLY take out what they want and replace it with the same amount of items they took (they may also add a few more items if they wish). AND SO ON.
- The LAST person on the list will send the box back to ME (or the first person who started the box)
- VEGAN Food Product ONLY. Nothing perishable, please. If sending dry/bulk items please ship in glass such as a Mason Jar and clearly mark contents/ingredients on the jar. Discount items are welcome as long as they are in ‘good-shape’ and ‘safe’ and have ingredients marked on them.
- Many of us “vegetarians/vegans” are ALWAYS checking labels regardless so we will continue to do so with these items…if you are unable to consume something in the box (for allergy or preference reasons) pass it on to someone else…no worries.

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I would totally be up for this. Always looking for new vegetarian/vegan options to try! Let me know. :)

Awesome! You’re IN :)

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Azzrian said

Thank you for arranging this and just to note – vegan TEA is good too lol

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Just to clarify, I am located in Canada… is this an issue? If so, maybe you’ll need to find another participant. Sorry for any confusion…. :(

TEB-This is up to you but I wouldn’t mind shipping it to Canada if you want to put me before her on the list.

I could do that :) Thanks Stacy!

No problem :)

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I just picked up a few things for the boxes!!!

Oooh, looks tasty! :)

Anything vegan cheese and I get along nicely ;)

Every time I look at this picture I giggle because Bob is my friend’s grandpa and it’s still so strange to me! I still get all giddy when I see Bob displays at stores haha

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This is so awesome! I should ave read closer, but I really appreciate you guys being willing to work with me on this one. The box is looking great guys, really looking forward to checking it out! :)

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Can’t wait to order some of the gopal wraps :) I keep thinking of what I can buy to add and thinking, well that’s so ordinary, until I realize it might not be ordinary to EVERYONE!

Well, I have no idea what a gopal wrap is.

It’s like a healthy, raw, vegan slim Jim Haha

That description has me completely baffled but intrigued.

Haha that’s The best way I can describe them! It’s like dehydrated nuts and grains wrapped into seaweed to form a big stick of goodness!

If you’re interested in reading more! I placed an order last might around 4:30pm and it’s already shipped! That’s fast service!

I tried them through the vegan snack box Healthy Surprise, which I’ve since had to cancel (sniff sniff sob)

That does sound really interesting. I could always use more raw snacks for when I do my 2 week raw cleanse.

Well if the order is the way it’s listed above, you can try some in the box! :D

Sweet :)

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May I be towards the middle/end, so I can have time to order some things offline? :D

Or even if you want to jump into a 2nd box with those…squeeeee! I’m excited :)

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Sooooooooooo…my PO hasn’t had LARGE Flatrate Boxes in weeks! I might have to go with a Medium! Sorry guys!

We can always get a bigger one with the next person! Do we know the order yet?

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SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!! I just ordered 6 different flavor “power wraps”. Gonna put those in, plus two chocolate bars that are coincidentally vegan and 100% delicious, and that’s my $15! I may or may not have also gotten 12 wraps for myself, too :)

And I’m not very good at sticking to limits so I CAN’T guarantee that I’ll stick to just these items ;) maybe I’ll join the third box, too, and split up some of these wraps…

Wow, totally getting excited. I suppose I should start shopping too.


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