Artp said

Tea Swap: Offering DavidsTea, Harney, Teavana (new to this)

Hi all,

New to this and looking to swap some tea. Got some stuff that’s been properly stored (either zip bag or DavidsTea tin) and would like to swap.

Salted Caramel Black Tea- DavidsTea 14g/.5oz
Honey Bee- DavidsTea 56g/2oz
Jessie’s Tea- DavidsTea 85g/3oz
Main Squeeze- DavidsTea 14g/.5oz

Peach Tranquility- Teavana 28g/1oz
Sevenberry Sangria- Teavana 28g/10z
Imperial Acai Blueberry- Teavana 28g/1oz
Weight To Go- Teavana 14g/.5oz
Strawberry lemonade- Teavana 14g/.5oz

Coconut Black- McNulty’s 85g/3oz

Love Life- Harney and Sons 56g/2oz

Let me know if there’s anything you’re interested in!

Also, I would like to keep my swaps within the US

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yssah said

Hi Artp!

welcome to steepster

i want to swap with you for all the davids and teavana! hahaha. seriously.

what teas do you like? i got this really cool Earl Grey

Artp said

I’m looking to experiment and try different things- I just know I don’t like greens. Will follow you and check out your cupboard!

yssah said

will follow you so we can pm. its not letting me right now. i got several teas that arent in the cupboard coz they just got here yesterday and was busy portioning out for swaps ^^ lots of them are black based

will update soon! this is one of the first (of the samples from yesterday) i tried and loved it at once

among the samples (not in my cupboard) that i can swap from are:

lemon rooibos
assam bop
almond w/ bits
apricot w/bits
mango w/bits
nutty honeybush
rooi grey
holy basil herbal
lapsang souchong
ceylon green
ti kwan yin oolong
masala chai

from Love is Tea

Artp said

terrific. message me with any offers and we’ll talk. I’m already following you.

yssah said

still not letting me

Sil select said

I wonder if there’s an issue with the period in Art.Per’s name. I can’t even get to your profile :(

Artp said

I took out the period to see if it helps

UPDATE: looks like that cleared up issues I was having too. Thanks Sil!

yssah said

yay, Sil!

Sil select said

Sometimes I get it right lol just figured since websites usually use a . In them it was confusing the site. Underscore should work if you want to keep the art_per since I know tattoed_tea uses one :)

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Sare said

check out mine if you want too ide be interested in
Salted Caramel Black Tea- DavidsTea 14g/.5oz
Honey Bee- DavidsTea 56g/2oz
and love life :) let me know! welcome to Steepster!

Artp said

Definitely interested- particularly in:
Anything mango flavored
coco chai rooibos
vanilla rooibos (or anything creamy)
cocomint cream
choco chili chai

following you, message me if you have any ideas. You can take as much or as little of those three as you’d like.

Artp said

I’d also be interested in Sanaa’s secret, read my lips, and sweet dreams.

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