DIY tea tasting and prep class

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TeaParT said

I think that you definitely need to demonstrate brewing a single mug since most will be use to the tea bag idea. Do you have a Yo-Yo mug and infuser?

Depending on how many will be attending, it might be worth using the individual Tea Pockets.

A couple of us (Steepsters) attended a Tea Basics class where the instructor began with the tea bags and moved to a new brewing method with each blend. Later, I thought what a great way to show off all the products but it was a very non-threatening approach.

Cofftea said

Most are used to the tea bag idea, but I think this is the time to teach them every other method… and then show them how to fill their own. Hopefully they’ll try the other methods 1st and then only go for the tea bags when it’s either that or prepackaged bags. They’re clay in your hands- mold them:)

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