What is your beloved cuppa and book to get comfy with? Do please enlighten us!

I’ll get me into the porch with a bit of sunshine beaming down on me just to get me to feel more human. Sit in a comfy chair in a wonderful late afternoon, maybe four to five o’clock just at the day’s end reading “Kitchen Confidential” by the most awesome chef around! Mr.Anthony Bourdain manning the “Hell’s Kitchen” that is Les Halles in the Big Apple (which is by the way the most Damn Best Restaurant with the Damn best side order of fires)! I just need to let out a little Bourdain in me :)The whole day is not complete without Chai (Adagio’s great but anything else or homemade is the same), I won’t have a mug full of chai but probably around 8oz that gets me perked for another day but it can be slept over. Makes me all festive and cultured! Like Bourdain! Oolongs can be great, lovely in the late afternoon, certainly you can sleep through, and gets you eager for dinner! Tie Kuan Yin hits the spot, creamy vegetal, savory but crisp and light characters gets you well acquainted with a book while calming at a day’s end. Just gotta love the simple things in life! Don’t you all?!
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Erin said

Right now I am reading A Perfect Red: Empire, Espionage, and the Quest for the Color of Desire. It is a short history of the color red, specifically how the color has been cherished by different cultures, and how valuable the dyestuffs were (how they affected economies, politics, and thus empires).

Along with this i am drinking Black Dragon Pearls. Seems appropriate :)

have not tired Black Dragon Pearls yet but its doubly amazing Yunnan tea! Oh and I love your cat kinda a sweetie is he?

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