T.C. said

Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

Figured we needed one of these to share what new stuff showed up at our doorsteps. Can be orders or swaps. Share your new stuff with the rest of the community!

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T.C. said

So today I got my swap from Lariel in the mail.
I took the letter and went WTF happened to this poor thing?!?!
It looked like it had been run over 10 times by a truck. There was a huge tear through half of it. Good ol’ post office! had written they had received it damaged lol!
Here’s a pic:

Disclaimer: No tea was harmed in the making of this picture.

Azzrian said

OUCH! Cute way that the tins are packaged though! I have not heard of this company – need to research!

yssah said

@ Azz: what tins?

@TC: hmmm, thats weird. Lariel’s mail to me wasnt damaged but i had received one from another swap i dont remember who that was slashed but it was bubble wrapped so… :D

Deborah48 said

I received three boxes from David’s Tea Teavana and Amazon chock full of various teas such as Carmel Vanilla, a yummy smelling Fig tea along with others. I love seeing boxes of my favorite drink waiting for me at the door! Also picked up some good old PG Tips black tea for the family.

I got a pkg from Marzipan! Yay!

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Azzrian said

Great thread!!! Today I got my order from New Mexico Tea Company. Having the strawberry black now. WAIT! The package I opened is HUCKLEBERRY black so no wonder I was not really getting strawberry from it! haha time to reconsider this tea. :)

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Josie Jade said

I got the Republic of Tea catalog in the mail yesterday and it came with a sample of their Pomegranate Vanilla Red Tea. I wasn’t expecting anything so definitely a nice surprise to come home to after taking a big, huge, ugly test all afternoon!

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My poor package!

Yesterday I got a some delicious rooibos samples from T.C

Della Terra- Ginger Snap, Winter Nog.
Mad Heat Tea Co.- Mad Campfire, African Moonlight

T.C. said

First two are Della Terra not DT :)
No DT’s in my state sadly

The Ginger Snap is very good.

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I received two large orders from both Dragon Tea House and Teavivre this morning. Both were birthday presents (one from my husband and one from me …yes I’m that sad).

Teavivre was mostly restocks but I did get a few samples as well, not to mention a few tins to store my leaves.

Dragon Tea House was from my husband so I chose a nice matcha set along with a fair few interesting Pu Erh samples.

Katiek said

Nothing sad about making sure you get the “just right” birthday gift.

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I got a mystery box from Della Terra yesterday:

Lemon Chiffon
Walnut Brittle
Peppermint Bark
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
Chocolate Chai Puerh (sample)
Ginger Snap (sample)

It’s my first time ordering from them. Looks like I got a good batch.

Dustin said

The Lemon Chiffon is pretty yummy!

So I’ve read! I’m going to try that one first :]

whoa, that’s a good selection! Lemon chiffon, Walnut brittle and oatmeal raisin cookie are amazing!

And these are teas? Sounds like my desert menu

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I got my New Mexico Tea Company order too today!

Annoyed, as the samples weren’t labelled – and I ordered 2 fruit teas so it’s kinda hard to tell them apart besides opening them.

T.C. said

Least yours wasn’t labeled with the wrong tea like mine. I emailed with pics saying they sent the wrong tea….when they just sent it out with the totally wrong label instead.

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Kamyria said

Got my DavidsTea order today and a whole day earlier than scheduled!!! With a winter storm brewing outside, there is nothing better than good stock of tea to sip on while watching the blowing snow….

Today I got Dragonwell, Japanese Sencha, Creme Brule and a silver tin. And then there were three complimentary samples: The Skinny, Orange Pekoe and Coco Chai Rooibos…. I’m happy for the Coco Chai because it’s delish!!! Now I’m going to have myself some Creme Brule… YUM!!

Azzrian said

Oh how cool I didn’t know they sometimes put tins in them!

Kamyria said

Oh no, they don’t… Only if you order 100g you get a silver tin for free or you can order one for $2.50… :)

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I also got my mystery box from Della Terra Teas today. I’m so excited to try everything, this is also my first time trying them.
I got : Walnut brittle
Cafe Vanilla
Grandmas pumpkin pie
Lime Chiffon
Sample of cinnamon crackle
Sample of captivating crimson orange

Azzrian said

Mmmmmm they all sound great!
Its awesome that they send out some of the most popular teas!

So far I’ve open and sniffed every package!! Now I’m heating my water. I’m glad I’m not sensitive to caffeine because its 8:30 pm here and there’s no way I can wait till tomorrow to try some of these! Lol! I’m like a kid on Christmas.

Ooooo the pumpkin pie one sounds amazing!

Kiwi, it smells amazing to!

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I got one swap package in, and my Feb Tealet order!

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