Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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Dexter said

I got my Yezi tea order today!!! (OK I got a card yesterday, but picked it up today) AND I got my 52teas order. Good mail day!!!

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Kaylee said

My Della Terra Black Friday order. So quick! Yay!

I just got an email that my order shipped today. Anxiously awaiting it’s arrival! Glad yours arrived safely… But I’m a little jealous :)

Lucky you!

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I received a swap haul from Rachel Sincere!

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The tea gods have smiled upon me today!

My box from BrewTEAlly Sweet! You are so kind and generous!! Thank you so much. I am excited to try all of these. Especially some of the samples that you included!

My box from Josie Jade! Thank you so very much for all of this! I’m so happy that I will get to share these with my parents when I see them.

My order from 52Teas: Sadly… missing one of the two Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha packages that I ordered, but, still containing Graveyward Mist. I’m… not sniffling… I’m not! >_<!

My ‘To heck with it! Let’s use up all of my Adagio points’ order:
8 oz tins (barn), 3 oz tins (daffodil), and some free samples

My order from Aroma Tea Shop!:
A gaiwan, a chahai, and the cutest tea strainer holder that I have ever seen!!

The set together:

The tiger tea strainer, close up:
(I’ve named her Mei Mei) <3!

ifjuly said

Super cute! I love it.

Thank you! :)

CelebriTEA said

Oh my goodness! So terribly cute :-)

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Today, I won at tea! My Secret Turkey swap came, and a swap from Rachel Sincere. And also… my Black Friday Della Terra order.

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Dinosara said

I got my Golden Moon order, which is great except that instead of my Sugar Caramel Oolong I got Snow Sprout white tea. Have contacted Golden Moon so hopefully it can be fixed soon.

Dinosara said

A+ for customer service! I already got a reply and the sugar caramel will go in the mail tomorrow.

Oh good :) sugar caramel yay!

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MissB said

A package from Vendome Cadeau, full of Dammann Freres tea, including their advent calendar! :)

yyz said

Enjoy them!

MissB said

It is entirely because of you that I got them… so a HUGE thank you, yyz!

Sil select said

Woohohoo super excited to see yours… And echo the thanks yyz

CelebriTEA said

Looks beautiful ♡

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My Verdant order: Laoshan Village Chai, Qilan Wuyi Oolong, Da Hong Pao, and a free sample of Mi Lan Xiang Phoenix Mountain Dancong (yay!!).

Alright! So glad to hear your order arrived safely :)

It arrived a day early. Such a pleasant surprise to come home to!

Dexter said

Love getting Verdant packages – see that’s only 4 new ones – that’s under control. ;)

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Brandon B. said

My samples from Adagio came into today. :) I bought Gunpowder green tea and Christmas and Irish Breakfast black teas. My dad thought I was nuts when I ran in dancing with the package and quickly opened it to take a peak (and a sniff).

Tea is beautiful.

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My 52teas order! Atlas… weeping angel is mine! This one was one of the first teas I got in one of my very first swaps from KalieBoo! When I was new here last year! I am so excited!
I also got my verdant order from black Friday!
-Dark Roast 10 Year Aged Tieguanyin
And refills of my fabulous
-Golden Fleece
-Laoshan Black Chocolate Genmaicha
And they threw in a sample of Qilan Wuyi Oolong ha ha. I drank that a couple days ago from the classic club box:)

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