Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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Lala said

I was doing so so good at keeping my cupboard and tea spending under control. Then over the past few days I got my black Friday 52 teas order, my 52 teas 12 days of Christmas, and my 3 months worth of handmade tea. Whoah. And I am still waiting for my black Friday Andrews and Dunham and Teavivre orders (cupboard staples). Oh well. If I start over now I will be ready for next years black Friday.

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I got my mini Teavivre Black Friday order today! Black dragon pearls and peach jasmine pearls :D

Yay for teavivre packages!!!

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I got my BF teavivre package today!!!
-oriental beauty
-black dragon pearls
-golden tip
-chrysanthemum puerh mini tuocha
-superfine jasmine pearls? I though I ordered the peach pearls hmmm… I’ll have to double check

I also got my verdant blends box:):):) I had to order because of the Yabao snicker doodle!!!!

And last but not least a package from red leaf!
-Bavarian cream matcha
-cookies and cream matcha
And samples of egg nog and caramel:):)

So glad to hear your blend box arrived :)

I almost grabbed that chrysanthemum tuocha :)

@Lily Duckler: I love getting Verdant packages:) i can’t wait to try the Yabao!!!

@Stephanie: we think a like so much:) I almost got the rose one but I opted for this one in the end:)

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I’m really glad I had my mail held this weekend since I was a day late getting home. Instead of enjoying a hockey game and birthday celebration in STL I got to spend my weekend at the ER with my husband. On the bright side, at least I was staying with my parents and they could watch the baby for me. The ER with a 2 year old would likely have driven me crazy.

I came home to a lot of mail today, although several of my orders are missing items so I have a lot of emailing to do tomorrow.

My Verdant orders came in, all neatly packaged in one box. (Thank you Lily!)

As well as orders from TeaVivre, DAVIDsTEA, Tiesta Tea, Della Terra and the Persimmon Tree Tea Co.

Friday I had orders from Fusion Tea and Art of Tea come in.

I’m pretty sure everything I ordered is here, except for my father’s Christmas present. It’s a shame it isn’t all for me, but I think my friends and family will love what I got them this year.

ER – oh no! I hope everyone is feeling better and on the road to recovery.

Glad to hear your orders arrived safely and well – hope you enjoy them!

ifjuly said

Hope everyone’s ok, that sounds terribly stressful.

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OMGsrsly said

Oh! I am remembering to participate! I got my Teavivre black friday order. Wow, that was INCREDIBLY fast.

I got the puerh tasting kit, the black tea tasting kit, 100g of the premium keemun, and a few extra samples. So excited to try them all and share them with people this winter.

OMGsrsly said

AMODA BUTIKI BOX!!!! I won’t spoil anyone, but it smells so good. The packaging is so lovely. The teas, oh WOW the teas. I’m so happy I did this!

OMGsrsly said

Umm. And also a swap from Cavocorax. Ahem. I got a little excited there. She shared some matcha with me, and L’Hiver from Fauchon.

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Kaylee said

Amoda Butiki Box! I only subscribed for this month to get the Butiki teas, but I’m so charmed by the presentation that I’m going to keep my subscription for a while and see what they send next month. Also, I am oddly amused by the fact that my tea was blended in NJ, shipped to Canada, packaged nicely, and sent right back to NY.

Aaand my Verdant order, with an added sample of Qilan Wuyi Oolong. Yay!

And I found a slip from USPS claiming that they tried to deliver my Secret Turkey package on Saturday, which is ridiculous because I was home all frackin day. So at least I know where it is now and was able to schedule redelivery.

And some pretty jewelry that I picked up at 75% off on BF.

I’m starting to seriously doubt my judgment as these teas start stacking up…

Alright! Happy to see your order arrived. As for all of your holiday tea, sounds like you might need to host a holiday tea party :)

Hi Kaylee-Would you mind sending me a picture of the Amoda box?

Kaylee said

Lily Duckler – I like that idea! Parties are a lot of work though :-/

Stacy – I’m PMing you a link to the picture.

Sil select said

Stacy – if you need more pics, one of the pacific gals took a whole start to finish opening everything pics….can be sent your way if needed/desired

Kaylee said

Ooh I wanna see that!

Thanks for the pics Kaylee! I was wondering which names Amoda went with. I sent in a few suggestions for each tea.

Sil-I would be interested in seeing them. :)

Kaylee said

Stacy – oooh! What other names did you suggest?

Kaylee-Here were my other suggestions:
Spiced Custard, Custard with Nutmeg, Spiced Custard Indian Breakfast, Nutmeg Sprinkled Cream, Nutmeg Mousse, Nutmeg Dusted Custard

Praline Cookies & Eggnog, Eggnog with Praline Candy, Eggnog & Praline Toffee

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CelebriTEA said

Sampler from Janelle~everything I could ever want ♡
Thank you so much!

I guess you’re welcome? Although, everything in the picture there definitely wasn’t sent by me…

(Although, hopefully you’ll be getting your 12 Days package soon)

CelebriTEA said

Uggg…I just now figured it out…was sent by Janelle…
I am sorry, Janelle…it didnt have your name on the front of the package,
So, I was guessing :/
It is AMAZING~ every flavor I truly love, love, LOVE

That makes sense then – we’re from the same city :P

CelebriTEA said

LOL @ Me… :/

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wheezybee said

My mini order from Teavana came in. I couldn’t resist 50% off with a free tin, free sample, and free shipping. I think that order actually ended up costing them money, because all I paid was $4.99.

Of course, once the Spiced Mandarin Orange Oolong came in I realize I had somehow overlooked the “apple bits” on the ingredients list. Well, instead of enjoying it today, the package is going into the Christmas gift pile. It will probably replace the Adagio I was going to give someone. I am so glad that I had extras of those, so I could try them first and discover how bad they were before I gave them to someone.

I still get to organize something with the tin and enjoy the (apple free!) Maharaja Chai/Samurai Chai sample.

And that’s less shopping to do for someone.


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Frolic select said

I’m feeling pouty as so many people have gotten their Verdant orders and my order was last seen on the opposite coast as me. It went away from me for a few days and I actually have no idea if it’s really coming my direction yet.

I know I’ll love it when I get it but I’m not good at being patient. Then of course after that hopefully my butiki order will ship. Has anyone gotten notice that theirs has shipped yet? I know they said up to 5 business days before anything would get shipped so I’m not as anxious about that yet.

OK enough of my pout. I have plenty of tea to enjoy right now and I’m going to focus on the present.

Dinosara said

Well since you posted I will pout with you. Everyone else is getting their Teavivre orders and mine is crawling to me, way slower than usual. 6 days in Chicago, 2 days in Detroit? What gives? And why is it taking more than a day to get from Detroit to southern Ohio? Ugh.

Dexter said

That’s ok, my Verdant order was still in St. Paul on the 6th, and hasn’t been scanned since…
I paid for faster shipping from Teavivre – seems other who used free shipping have theirs and mine isn’t here yet.
Joining the pout….

Uniquity said

My Verdant and Teavivre orders both shipped on the 4th. I’ll be lucky to see them before Christmas. Every once in a while, I hate living in Canada!

Sil select said

i have nothing yet that’s come in to me…except the yezi order, which has made all my other orders look insanely slow…

boychik said

I got my Teavivre today and my shipping was free
I’ve noticed that tea from China to NY comes in record time. Sometimes in 5 business days

Kaylee said

ditto what boychik said. And shockingly low shipping – $3.90 for my package.

Frolic select said

My Verdant package didn’t make it today again.

It did finally get to the west coast last night so tomorrow hopefully.

Frolic select said

I can officially stop pouting now. While a 2 day priority package took over a week to get in my hot little hands it’s here now. The tins are gorgeous,Simple and lovely. I’m about to take a french final exam in a little over an hour and am already drinking a flavored tea now so no opening them yet.

It’ll either be celebration tea or pity party tea depending on how things go when I get back.

But what to start with? I got the Laoshan Village Terroir Gift Set and I don’t know what I’m in the mood for.

My butiki order isn’t in the postal system yet but I know it’s on it’s way soon cause I got my tacking code for it.

And 2 more days before my 52teas 12 days of christmas starts. I’m going to be brewing up a storm.

I’m so glad to hear it arrived safely!! Best wishes on your exam – I’m sure you’ll come home to celebration. You’ll know what you want once that weight of stress is off of your shoulders.

Frolic select said

I feel like it went well. Drinking the Autumn Harvest Laoshan Roasted Oolong and relaxing to some TV before it’s time to study for my math final.

It’s amazing. :)

Congratulations! Glad to hear you’re taking some time to relax before gearing up for the next one.

Frolic select said

I’m still resteaping! I figured I would have switched to the green by now but 7 or so steeps in it’s still evolving.

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Dexter said

OK I lied earlier – I commented on my Teavivre order not being here. It’s here and so is my Della Terra order!!! Good mail day today.

Orders are fun to get, but nothing is better than getting surprise packages from wonderful people here on Steepster. I got a really nice surprise package from VariaTEA today. Thank you so much!!! I am always/still just awed by the generosity of everyone here. :))

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