Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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Woohoo! My Della Terra samples I ordered came today :D

teapot1 said

My first 52 Teas order! Looking forward to trying them…

Excited just brewed my first teapot-full of tea, Today I got my package from Adagio, the PersonaliTea teapot in white, my custom James Maslow blend
[Irish Breakfast, Vanilla, and Tiger’s Eye] and a sample of Earl Grey Moonlight.

Artp said

Samples from yssah!

Lapsang souchong
Mango black
Passion fruit black
Princess grey
Stargazer earl grey
Rooibos earl grey
Special blend earl grey
Masala chai
Market chai

I think the lapsang polluted the others a tiny bit, but the mango tasted AMAZING with the smoky tones. Might do it on purpose…

yssah said

ooopsie..haha. lesson learned: double-bag strongly scented teas!

thank goodness for pleasant accidents ^^’

Artp said

the mango came out TERRIFIC. see tasting notes

My Upton samples arrived! Earl Grey tastings to come!

Azzrian said

Got my 52 Teas order of more Strawberry Zabaglione which I have to have at all times, also got some of the Raspberry Cream – I have some coming that I split with LiberTeas but I knew I Would want more and I am SO glad I got another!
ALso my Wanja TEas of Kenya sample came – of their green tea. Review coming soon.
Hubby has two days off in a row WOO HOOO rarely happens and I Have a ton of work to catch up on so have not been on much the last day or two.
I need to catch up on everything miss Steepster when I can’t get on much.

T.C. said

Jealous of you all.
I didn’t get anything today. Not a piece of mail and not a package. Even teas with tracking that said they were out for delivery today didn’t show up. sad face

yssah said

you can comfort yourself by cataloging the teas you already have :)

T.C. said

Actually at 6pm…in the dark…i heard a noise. The evil guy just stealthed up and dropped 2 packages on my step and ran off without even knocking….
So I got my prsimmon tree order and two 52Teas orders in yay!

Azzrian said


yssah said

ah, your day is complete!

Tealizzy said

Got my Nina’s Paris samples today! Marie Antoinette, Grand Amour, and Nina’s Japon! I’m so excited!

Azzrian said

Enjoy :)

Ah, I am hoping to try Marie Antoinette at some point soon!

CK select said

My Persimmon Tree tea order came in today :) I bought sample sizes of: Earl Grey Heaven, Lychee Peach, Coconut Crème, Vanilla Berry Truffle, Banana Dulce, Honeysuckle Puerh Tea and while I was looking on the site it had a Facebook thing so I got a free 1oz of White Guava. …I kind of hope I don’t like any of them too much because of shipping cost… hehe.

yaayyyy yesterday I got my 52teas order, and I’m sorry if there is a lot of hatred directed my way for what I received:

4 bags of Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake
2 bags of Walter Bishop Honeybush
1 bag of Pancake Breakfast

and also my swap from Starfevre which was a large amount of Adagio’s Birthday Tea which I have yet to taste :)

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