Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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Katiek said

I got an order from Zen Tea today! Yay!

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I got my very first DAVIDs order ever and I just want to stay home and drink tea all day now!!! So much cookie dough, birthday cake, buttered rum, banana nut bread, banana dream pie, movie night, red velvet cake, and salted caramel. Best tea day ever.

update I forgot to log the samples they sent me!! Alpine Punch, Cocomint Cream, and Chocolate Chili Chai :)

Artp said

oh goodness… that sounds like a dream. If it were snowing outside, and I received that order, it’d be netflix and the couch all day

And I live in northern Vermont…it’s like never not snowing haha, getting myself into work today was a huge struggle

Sounds like some very good choices! Banana Dream Pie is my favorite flavored black of all time :)

I haven’t tried the Banana Dream Pie yet but I am so excited about all of these that I can barely sit still.

Banana dream pie will be in next davids order. forgot about it.

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Un-tea related. I had to re-purchase a Monster High doll, who can only be found on e-bay for double what she is really worth. Thanks to my darling youngest who snapped the leg off her older sister’s doll. I need a tea binge to make me feel better about it. :(

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Maria said

Today I got my Ovation split from Yssah! They smell so delicious!

Yay. can’t wait for my ovation split from Yssah. I’m waiting for her to get some more stuff in in a few days though. Patience! I should have ordered ovation for iced tea. Ugh.

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Adagio order (free tea)
Yogi samples
Nescafe Memento sampes

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T.C. said

Two Orders today:

Coconut Cream Pie Rooibos
Grapefruit Dragon
Plus samples of: Watermelon Xylophone, Pinapple Cilantro Cream, Cantalope&Cream, Maple Pecan Oolong
(got to throw in Stacy is awesome, she threw in a lot of samples for free, left me emails every step of the way for shipping, and was generally all around awesome in the customer service department)

Angelina’s Teas:
Panda Pearls (been wanting to try them forever!)
A Raspberry in Paris
Ontario Icewine white (so I can compare to NMTC’s)
Akita Super Sencha
(3) 2005 menghai ripe pu erh mini tuo’s
(3) 2006 Hawaiian Raw pu ehr mini tuo’s

It was a good tea day :)

Mmmm sounds awesome! I’ve been wanting to try that pineapple cilantro cream! And the icewine tea sounds fab as well :)

Azzrian said

Never heard of Angelina’s Teas … need to go check it out. Thanks

T.C. said

Angelina’s has some great tea options that aren’t found in most places, but the site is horribly difficult to navigate. Some menu’s just don’t show up on the drop down menu (like flavored white’s to get to the icewine).

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Stacy is awesome, I just placed a Butiki order last night and she’s just been fantastic already.

Today, in the mail, I got another envelope from Courtney containing samples of Genmaicha and Mulberry Magic. I also have a parcel pick-up notice for my DavidsTea order, which contains several flavored blacks and Banana Nut Bread. It’s mostly my friend’s order, but there are a few goodies in there for me, too. :)

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teapot1 said

Small Della Terra order…
1oz each
Vanilla Cream
Ginger Snap
Shamrock & Roll
Dubbele Chocolate

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Upton Tea catalog

I think my next order will be with upton… they need some love

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Lupicia monthly sample arrived today
plus my ESP order! (Starfruit strawberry white and Mango Pear white)

Monthly sample?!
this is awesome. order $30 of tea and get a tea magazine and a sample of their monthly tea every month for a year? Now thats a promotion.

yeah! works even if you buy stuff in store or online. So far, it’s just been a tea bag a month, but it’s still pretty good. And Lupicia has good fruit teas.

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