Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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Courtney said

Heyooo. I just got back to the house and the mailbox was so full I had to fight to get things out. Five swaps came in today from cteresa, VariaTEA, Sil, keychange, and OMGsrsly. Thanks guys!

oooh, lots of swaps!!!

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boychik said

My Mandala order that I placed last Friday. Awesome tea, excellent service, 2 samples I’m dying to try (how did you know Garret?) and handwritten note. Everything I wanted. thats great customer service in my book.


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carol who said

Yippie! Yippie! Yippie! Yippie! My Doctor Who and Firefly samplers from Adagio came today!!!! These were the ones that were recently reduced in price (as well as reduced in number of tins per sample set). I’ve been wanting the DW teas for ages! Yippie! Yippie! Yippie! Yippie!

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I got some matcha from Courtney :D

Courtney said


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Woot! My Amoda box finally arrived and I also received my two orders of bags (for exchanges) to put tea in! NayLynn sent me a fun selection of samples to try too…I’m in heaven.

What sort of bags did you get/where did you get them? I’ve been on the lookout for something to swap in for awhile now….kinda. Lol.

Ebay is the only place where I’ve had luck finding them…at least without having to buy 200+ bulk. If you do a search for “foil ziplock pouches” there’s a lot of them! I finally decided on (50) small black ones, (30) large silver ones, and a few different sizes (200 total) of “Self Adhesive Seal Plastic Bags.” I figure it’ll be a while before I have to start buying in bulk -ha! :)

MissB said

Just talked about this with someone else the other day! :)

This is where I bought mine on AliExpress:×15-3cm-3-5-X5-9-1-2-Clear-Silver-foil-doypack-zip-lock/759069755.html

… and these guys seem to sell a lot of different variations on eBay in smaller sizes:×6-Ziplock-Stand-Up-Pouches-Bags-SUP-A-Clear-Silver-/130729932121?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1e701c7559&_uhb=1

MissB, wow, that’s a great deal for the lot! I’ve never purchased from AliExpress… I wonder how long shipping would take.

I bought those exact smaller ones that you posted and they work great for samples! The standup silver/clear ones are good too but the foil part is a little thin, so I don’t use them for mailing tea but they work great for just storing teas in the cupboard.

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I got my $25 mystery tea packet from the lovely MissB! I’m excited!

MissB said

Woot woot! :)

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I received my first Steepster Select box today. It is very cool. I will not blow the surprise for anyone who has not received their box yet by talking about which teas are in it. I do want to say it came in a great muslin bag. Each tea is individually wrapped and I love that besides giving all the steeping instructions, it also tells how many times a tea can be resteeped. That is an awesome little extra bit of info.

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I received my Herbal Infusions order today. I ordered 10 sample sizes and they included 1 more for free. They look so yummy, can’t wait to taste them. I have been on a tea buying spree and my orders have been coming in, so exciting to receive fun boxes of tea. ;-)

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VariaTEA said

A swap package arrived from Sil (thank you!!), officially putting me back over 200 :(

Sil select said

hahaha 194 here but still tea in the mail to me from shmiracles

VariaTEA said

213 :(

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Cheri select said

My first actual order order just showed up on my front porch! does a happy dance

Red Leaf Tea
-Amaretto Matcha (it was on sale, which is why I decided to go ahead and order)
-Citrus Green
-Citrus Chamomile
-bonus Caramel Matcha sample!

And yes, I’ve been in a citrus mood lately, and decided to get some citrus teas. These both sounded delicious. I hope they are.

yyz said

Enjoy it!

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