Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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I just got an INSANE swap from Cavocorax!!! I swear there’s like half of my wishlist in there :O

I can only hope that my humble swap made you at least one tenth as happy as yours made me, Cavo!!! Thank you :))))

Oh, and I am so excited to try the A+D Damn Fine Teas. What a way to start the Easter weekend. I’ll be away, but after Sunday I will be back with my tasting notes :D Joy and jubilee!

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NayLynn said

Best cookie and tea package ever from EvaGrimm! Great tea of course, Matcha Pocky and Samoas!! I don’t even remember telling her those are my favorite. I mentioned a few times how I kept missing the Girl Scouts over here. The box of cookies may already be gone :)

Wild guess, hehe. I’m glad to hear that you like it! :D

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boychik said

i got a surprise box from Butiki, but the sender was TeaTiff. I’m so overwhelmed,and happy, and high. i dont have right words to say. it was cold and gloomy. and I wasnt in a mood. and then this surprise….it completely changed everything. it totally made my day !
i feel i’m blessed to be a part of such an amazing community. THANK YOU!!!

ifjuly said

woo hoo! a surprise butiki box sounds like the perfect mood booster. (:

I am glad it made! I am feeling the same way, very blessed to be apart of this community.

<3 steepsterites are the best :)

MzPriss said

This made me all smiley

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Ost said

I’ve had the worst week ever-but I got my first DAVIDsTEA order today! Wasn’t even expecting it this week. I got the oh! Canada tea, and it’s amazing! Thanks to all of you guys for giving such great reviews on this site that made me finally decide to give it a shot! [:

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I got this package on Saturday actually (it arrived SO quick) – I got my Butiki order!!! Lemon French Macaron, Hello Sweetie and Peach HoppiTea as well as my requested samples AND a generous sample of a surprise tea for participating in the Butiki & Whispering Pines contest :)))

Yeah, even though I got it Saturday I am still pretty excited about it! :D

lolainred said

oooo! All of those sound great. I can’t wait to get home from work today because I know my Butiki order is waiting on me at home!

It’s one of these companies I want to try every single tea from. What did you order? :)

lolainred said

This will be my first time trying any of their teas, but just by the customer care I can already tell I love this company! I ordered Foxy Roxy’s Banana Walnut Treat, Malawi White Peony, Doke Silver Needle, Pistachio Ice Cream, and Creamy Eggnog.

Yummy choices! I have a sample of the Pistachio Ice Cream to try. I am also sure you won’t be disappointed with their white teas. I can’t wait to read your tasting notes on these :)

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221tea said

I got my box of teas from Butiki and Whispering Pines from the contest!!!

I am brewing my first cup of “Hello Sweetie” as I type!

Cavocorax said

Excellent choice! I hope you like it as much as we’ve hyped it up. :D

Tealizzy said


Awesome! :)

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lolainred said

My order from Butiki arrived today! I ordered Foxy Roxy’s Banana Walnut Treat, Malawi White Peony, Doke Silver Needle, Pistachio Ice Cream, and Creamy Eggnog. I got samples of Lemon French Macaron and Cantaloupe & Cream! I am so excited to try all of these… I have no idea which to start with tomorrow morning! Any suggestions?

I suggest Pistachio Ice Cream. Mainly ’cause it sounds awesome.

Macaron is lovely.

lolainred said

I am quite excited to try the pistachio one!

And I was so definitely excited to see the Macaron one as a sample.

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ifjuly said

DeliriumsFrogs sent me this incredibly thoughtful surprise gift box full of non-US chocolate—Hob Nobs and Wispa and Jaffa and Yorkie and Coffee Crisp and Cadbury honeycomb, oh my!—and a big fat jar of fancypants Damson Plum and Port Chutney from the English Provender Company, AND Zen Tea’s Lapsang Souchong, AND Butiki’s Doke Rolling Thunder (!!), AND the most thoughtful, caring note (she knows I’m stressed out about something coming up because she’s been there too…oh friendship).

I don’t know what it is with the tea fairy or tea voodoo or what but whenever I have a trying day, THAT’s when a surprise comes in the mail from a tea friend, to remind me people are the best and everything will be ok. <3

It was NOTHING! And, who doesn’t have fun mailing HOB NOBS! :)
I was just really excited that I had a tea you were interested in, since you’re wayyyyyy more seasoned in tea tasting, and the variety I have is kind of sparse.
Plus, it’s always nice to feel closer to you when sending something out… <3

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Kaylee said

Technically these arrived a few days ago, but I didn’t open them until today because I had to wait for Passover to end. I got my Amoda box and a super generous package from Christina! Yay!

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I seem to have a new mail delivery person who’s been dropping off my mail in the late afternoon vs. morning so I’m trying to figure out their schedule (and my new mail-checking schedule). That said, I got frustrated and decided to just wait…it’s been two days since I checked my mail, so today I find that my mailbox is exploding with mail… not such a bad thing. :P I find that Suziqzer sent me a wonderful surprise package of dessert tea samples -oh yes! I couldn’t wait so I’ve already started sampling one of them. Thank you!!

Crazy postal service.. Don’t they know we like routine so we know when to look for our packages!

I’m glad it arrived safely and I hope you find something you like!

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