Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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SarsyPie said

Eeeeeee! I got my Bonavita Gooseneck Electric Kettle! I am so excited to try this so I can program exact temperatures. It will be a huge improvement over my current methods, which are to either boil and cool, or try to guess the temp as the kettle heats on the stove.

Me: So yeah, my woman’s intuition is telling me that this water is around 183 degrees. Perfect!

I would be inside testing it out, but
1. It’s gorgeous outside and
2. I just ate salsa chips and it will be a little while before any tea I would make stops tasting like a fiesta!

Wish me luck!

Congrats! I love my gooseneck kettle :)

Sounds like a great investment. I love my Hamilton Beach w/variable temps. Makes it so easy!

SarsyPie said

I’m in love. It heats so quickly! It’s easy to use! It looks fab sitting out on the counter top!

I will miss my old stove top kettle, though.

Tealizzy said

Isn’t it awesome?! I will never go back!!

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Ubacat said

I got my Mandala order AND my pu-erh Ebay order! Unfortunately , I am unable to try them this evening because of the caffeine but look forward to trying them soon.

boychik said

What did you get ?

Ubacat said

I got:

Wild Mountain Green Raw Pu-er 2011
Silver Buds Raw Pu-er 2012
Wild Monk Raw Pu-er 2012

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Ubacat said

More packages today! Got my package from Christina today! Thanks Christina! Some really great teas in there.

Also got a small sample package from Teafrog.

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Cavocorax said

I had the grumpiest most annoying commute home because of people,and things, but then I came home to my Simple Loose Leaf subscription (and oh wow, that’s a pretty good amount of tea!) and then my awesome swap from 221tea which she loaded up with a lot of fancy teas I’d never tried before.

I’m totally blown away. I don’t even care that I’m back over 200. I’m going to relish every cup.

221tea said

Yay! I am glad there are a bunch you haven’t tried! I was hoping it would be a good mix!

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Sil select said

Mandala order here! via the tea mule! WOOT WOOT!

Sil select said

for the record…best end to a 16 hour day… yes indeed…don’t even care the cupboard is growing..

Ok, time for you to go home and have some tea :-)

Sil select said

i did! well today i did….what sucks the most is it’s not even thrs for me…this is like me wed or tuesday…lol

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My swap from 221tea showed up today! SO MANY GOODIES! I’m very thankful I got in so many sipdowns yesterday…

221tea said

Yay!!! Glad it arrived! Enjoy!!!

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carol who said

The Teeny Tiny Traveling Tea Box arrived. So many teas! Fun, fun, fun!

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My week hasn’t been the best, I was feeling really down. But my mood got a face lift today!

Dexter3657 sent me my share of a shared Lupicia order…along with…LOTS OF OTHER WONDERFUL EXTRAS!! I am so happy and excited about everything :-)

Thank you so much Dex , you are the best!!

yyz said

Hope its a start of a move towards a positive direction!

Dexter said

YAY glad you got it so quick!!! Hope you like the ones I chose for you. :))

Thanks yyz, it totally was :-)

Dexter, I have a feeling I will like many if not all of them!!

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Lala said

I got my tea samples from Teavivre, with a beautiful scarf!

That sounds awesome.

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Got the Travelling Tea Box C today. So. Much. Tea. XD

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