Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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Alphakitty said

I am away from my apartment so I know there is a pile of boxes for me, but I cannot get to them. Alas! But I did get the Lupicia catalog today along with a sample of Neptune, and the RoT magazine with Pomegranate Vanilla.

T.C. said

Where do you live again? I need to swing by your apartment real quick! lol

yssah said

i didnt get anything in the mail the yesterday. and none delivered to my door either. unbelievable!

and i had to leave for LA in the morning so none today either…oh wait, i can call my mom and ask! hahaha

even thought of placing an order and asking them to deliver in LA but for a 3day visit, nah.

momo said

I got a swap from Amy oh in the mail!

Dinosara said

Well I haven’t gotten it yet, but my Verdant Reserve club package for February is out for delivery! Yay!

Dinosara said

Woot woot! I opened the box and immediately entered them into the Steepster database under the Verdant Tea (Special) lable. If anyone wants spoilers you can look under there! I was able to use the photos from the facebook preview except for one of them.

Also, I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about this box!! Some versions of my favorite teas ever!

I received three parcels this morning from Steepster members via swap. Here is a list of what I received and who from:

Courtney – Davids Tea
- Coffee Pu’erh
- Earl Grey
- Organic Tie Kwan Yin
- Goji Pop
- Cream of Earl Grey
- Grand Cru Matcha

Reasoned_Melody –
Davids Tea – Citron Oolong
- Exotica
52 Teas – Pumpkin Pie
Adagio – Birthday Tea
Tazo – Refresh
- Zen
Numi – Magnolia Pu’Erh
Twinings – Green Tea with Jasmine

Kasumi no Chajin – Della Terra
- Anti V-Day
Harney & Sons – Florence
Basilur – White Magic
The Persimmon Tree – Passion Fruit Jasmine

That’s a lot of tea. :D I have a lot of drinking and reviewing to do this weekend.

Azzrian said

Mega trades – awesome!

Fiddling said

Yesterday I received my swap from tattooed_tea.
DAVIDsTEA – Mango Maddness and Oh Canada
Della Terra – Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie

Here’s a pic:

I can’t wait to try them all out! :)

Azzrian said

Love photos! Thank you!

Note how I was scrounging to find supplies to label the tea lol
Kid’s are always stealing my pens & labels.!

Azzrian said

LOL I wish I could blame my disappearing labels and such on kids! I have lost an entire box of number 10 envelopes – BRAND NEW only used one envelope! The box is blue and white, and the size of a number 10 envelope only a tad bigger – WHERE IS IT? LOL augggggg

Fiddling said

It’s not the label, but the tea inside that counts!

This didn’t come in the mail but from a local tea shop. I’m posting it here because y’all will be way more excited about it than my husband was, :)

2 oz. Starry Night (vanilla black)
1 oz. lemon black
1 oz. Scarlet Rooibos (fruits, raisins, passion fruit, oranges infused with rooibos)

T.C. said

2 packages for me today!
My Ovation Teas order came in and a swap package from yssah

Thanks so much for the awesome samples yssah, brought a smile to my face watching a “sample explosion” fall out of the package!

Azzrian said


yssah said

wah, you took a picture of them! i thought you might have a hard time listing each one here, hahaha. glad that cheered you up! nice to see my hard work immortalized in a photo :)

Dustin said

You got your Ovation order already?! I haven’t even gotten a shipping notice. :( I know they are swamped, but I have been hopping from one foot to the other in anticipation like a little kid having to pee.

T.C. said

I emailed Melisa about mine…so maybe that would help. She said mine was next in line when I emailed and I had shipping notice the next day. :)

Maria said

So I received my order yesterday, however, I had emailed them on Sunday and they returned the email with a delivery confirmation email – so it appears as though they had shipped my items, I just had not received a shipping confirmation email.

momo said

Got today’s mail now, which was my DavidsTea order, plus the third and final and actually good looking winter tree teapot. And traveling tea box A came back and Terri HarpLady sent me SO MUCH PUERH AND I CAN’T WAIT TO DRINK IT ALL

Claire said

I’m cheating and this isn’t a came in the mail today post, but I really want to save the post office so today I mailed out eight letters and 2 packages. One package was to Art here on Steepster with the last of my DellaTerra Mellow Mango Peach, and the other box was to my best friend Becky which I filled with a whole bunch of different tea samples.
Rayn was laughing at me last night because I said I was going to write so many letters the post office would have to stay in business. ;)

yssah said

steepster project: save the usps thru swaps!

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