Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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such an amazing tea day yesterday!!

Swap from Marcel Duchamp

52teas order:
Cuba Libre
Pancake Breakfast
Weeping Angel

DAVIDsTEA (because my boyfriend is fabulous):
100g of Cocomint Cream with a tin and samples of; cookie dough, alpine punch, and a green tea with a “k” in it that I can’t remember

Kiwi’s Big Adventure?

no it’s a plain green tea…kejak something or other?

Korean Sejak?

Yes that’s it! Haha thank you

yssah said

wow, he got the last of it! it’s all gone now

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My enormous Red Leaf Tea matcha order came. Just waiting for some tins to put it in before I start opening and tasting.

forsythia said

I was browsing Etsy last night and came across some nice vintage tins for $9.99 ea., Chinese designs.

I have lots of tins in the 3-6 oz range but I was looking for little ones for matcha. I picked up a bunch from RLT and some spice tins from amazon.

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I came home from work today to a parcel from a tea swap with someone on facebook, who sent me a tin of Perfect Pear, and a box from Butiki! I really needed that… today was exhausting. Mmmmmm, new tea!

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Den’s Tea
Genmaicha Satsuki
Green Kukicha
Tencha-Kuki Houjicha
Sakura Sencha

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My Georgia Tea Company order arrived today in a huge box!
They all smell really good! I got:

German Rock Sugar
Strawberry Blizzard – Smells AMAZING!
Summer Passion
Pomegranate Fruit
Pumpkin Spice – looks interesting as it’s a herbal. Smells like pumpkin chai!

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Emily M said

Got my first Teavivre order today. A bunch of flowering teas, and a sample of the Blueberry Fruit Tea…because I have a blueberry problem. =) Trying a flowering tea now!

I have a mint and a genmai problem! Also a growing milk oolong problem. LOL!

Emily M said

I love genmai and milk oolongs, too! haha
Mint is easier for me to avoid, though.

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Sil select said many wonderful things in the mail today!

My custom blend from Butiki teas arrived, along with the rest of my order and a few surprises AND a surprise package from my besties in Florida with a board game and some tea samples :) I guess technically there was ALSO a notice that i get another package tomorrow haha

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My Mandala order came! I got the 4 oz Tuo Cha sampler for my dad’s birthday. It was packed in one of those paper bags that you fold down so I opened it up and took a whiff. Mmmm…rice-y. I stole one of the rice flavored ones. There were so many. :)
Garret also included a very sweet note and a couple of puerh samples. yay! Starting to really like this tea company. :)

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Swap from shakirah1984 arrived today! More Butiki and some DavidsTea samples, too. Yum!

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The swap from Maria… which I had just found.

I also received three new swaps. Hurray!

Emily M said


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