Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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Chizakura said

Hooray! :) My Verdant Order came in!

8oz of Laoshan Black (don’t judge me…)
1oz Laoshan Village Chai (first time trying)
Sample size Anxi Fo Shou

Once again the free sample was Flowering Green Jasmine. I have two of those now. xD; Better find some big jar or something to brew it in and try it out :)

Also, it wasn’t tea, but I wanted to cheer about it anyway: Yesterday my new laptop came! Hooray! :D

Rie said

Congratulations on the new order and the new laptop! n__n

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Lala said

Finally! Got my Nina’s Paris order. Customs held it for 10 days.

Marie Antionette
Earl Grey
Nina’s Paris
Tigre blanc
The des Muses
Versailles rose
The de Vendrome
And a free sample of assam.

And just needed to point out awesome cutomer service. I had to pay brokerage fees in order to UPS to deliver the package and Laurent is totally refunding me the cost!

Kittenna said

Brokerage fees?! For tea?? That doesn’t sound right :(

Sil select said

Kittenna – happens all them time with ups and FedEx.

darky said

what are brokerage free’s exactly? and from what nina store did you order? the european one or the branch from miami where laurent send samples from? i’m currently sampling my samples and thinking off placing an order to!

Lala said

I ordered from Laurent in Miami. I just told him what I wanted, he told me the cost and I paypaled him the money.

Brokerage fees are fees that a delivery company charges in addition to deliver the item. For example, I paid delivery for my tea. But in order for ups to deliver it across the border, they said they needed more money.

Laurent is refunding me those charges. He said he has also fixed this problem with ups and should no longer be a problem.

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Tealizzy said

An awesome surprise from TastyBrew!! How did she know I was interested in those teas? She’s awesome! Thanks TastyBrew!!!

Sil select said

awesome! secret surprise teas are always fun :)

Glad you like them!!! :-)

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Kaylee said

T Salon’s Green Coconut tea. One of only three companies I actually purchased tea from at the Coffee & Tea Festival. They had run out of the Green Coconut, but the sample was so tasty that I ordered it anyway. Thankfully, they didn’t charge me shipping! Was expecting a larger jar, but it is what it is.

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Uniquity said

My Verdant Tea order arrived – in just a week! That is the fastest I have ever had tea arrive from the States. Yay!!

For me:
2 oz Laoshan Black
2 oz Laoshan Black Chocolate Genmaicha (Couldn’t resist)
1 oz Golden Buds Shu Pu’erh Xingyang 2010
1 oz Big Leaf Sheng Pu’Erh 2006 Yang Ji Tian Yuan
Sample of Five Year Ages Tieguanyin

For a coworker:
1 oz Chocolate Chamomile Curiosity Brew
1 oz Ginger Sage Winter Spa Blend
1 oz Laoshan Black

Luckily I am home this weekend so I will have time to enjoy these gongfu style. Hopefully this is the weekend I learn to love puerh! :)

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MY Teavivre order came in!!!!!!!
100g Gunpowder Green Tea (Zhu Cha)
100g Bailin Gongfu Black Tea
100g Golden Monkey Black Tea
100g Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea (Flavored)
100g Organic White Peony (Bai MuDan) Tea

I only tried the Bailin Gongfu so far and it is really really good! I cant say enough about the customer service from teavivre. I read on here how good it was but thought to myself “how good can customer service REALLY be”. In this case amazing, Order was boxed up really well. All the tea was double wrapped and then again in bubble wrap.
Since this was my first ever tea order I had no idea how much tea this was…..HOLY its a lot of tea.
I am getting tea drunk tonight!!! :D

Sil select said

oh wow… 100g each. that’s a lot! :) sounds like you’re enjoying it so far though. Teavivre is really great!

Yeah, 100g is a lot…but if its all good I will be super happy and not need to buy any for a while. Cant wait to try them all

Rie said

Great teas! Teavivre really is exceptional.
The 100g will go surprisingly quickly, especially with the black teas. You might drown in the multiple steeping power of that Bai Mu Dan though. :D

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I took advantage of the sales this past weekend so today I got packages from both Della Terra and Tealux!

Della Terra:
Apple Cinnamon Yogurt
Blueberry Crumble
Cactus Flower
Cappuccino Caramel Crunch
Lemon Chiffon
Pineapple Upsidedown
Rainforest Nectar
Roasted Apple
Anti V-day Treat

1990s Rare Wild Arbor Ripe Pu-erh
Climber’s high
1998 Year Lao Cha Tou Ripe Pu-erh
Premium Zhejiang Cloud’s Green Tea, Spring 2012
White Paradise Chai
Secret Of Love
Imperial Mi Lan Xiang Dancong (Honey Orchid)
Blue Unicorn Reserve
Keemun Mao Feng Premium
Jasmine Black
Lomi-Lomi Aloe Vera
Imperial Mengku Pure Old Tree Golden Buds Tea
Serenitea: A Sense of Calm

Whoa! That’s a lot of tea :D

I just moved into a new place with more cabinet space. This needed to happen.

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My Della Terra order showed up. A day early. :)

I also got an extra tea sample.

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Woot, my Gaiwan and Cha Hai arrived! They also included a silver needle sample (not pictured)

Sooo much packing tape!!! It was bubble wrapped and taped like one of those mean xmas gifts. Box – super tape. Everything inside box wrapped with a huge piece of bubble wrapped coated entirely with packing tape. After that – each item was individually wrapped in bubble wrap + packing tape. Then each box was super packing taped shut. Inside each box was the teaware, wrapped in bubble wrap + more tape. WOW.

Though boooo.. still no Bluebird Tea Co order. Must be sitting in customs or something /cry

Tealizzy said

That gaiwan is so cute! Though that does seem like a lot of packaging.

I was considering ordering that gaiwan off ebay. I love the colors. It’s so pretty.

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Dexter said

I’m so excited. It’s like Christmas. I got my Tealux order too. Yeah!!! I got:
Aged 5 Years Naked Pu-erh Organic Size: 25g
Pu-erh Chocolate Chai Size: Sample
Pu-erh Cocoa-Spice Size: 25g
Gen Mai Cha Japanese Size: Sample
Oo Nutty Delight Size: 50g
Chocolate Cake Size: 50g
Chocolate Monkey Size: Sample
Tropical breeze Size: 50g
Cherry Goddess Size: 50g
President Choice Size: Sample
Hawaiian Paradise Size: 50g
Fruity Spicy Brew Size: Sample
Fruit Medley Size: 50g
Tali’s Masala Chai Size: 50g
Black Pearl Sumatra Size: Sample
20 Years Aged Roasted Oolong Size: Sample
Imperial Mi Lan Xiang Dancong (Honey Orchid) Size: Sample
Pu-erh Chocolate Chai Size: Sample
Un Momento Size: 50g / 1.76oz
Pumpkin Spice Rooibos Size: 50g
Matè Java Expresso Size: 50g
Coconut Milky Oolong Weight: Sample
99% Oxidized Purple Oolong Size: Sample
Pu-erh Coconut Cacao Size: Sample
Pu-erh Chai Caramel Size: 50g
Sweet Cherry Goddess Size: Sample
Café Latte Size: Sample

It’s a little bit of everything. Lots of stuff in here I’ve never tried before. It’s Friday – it’s suppose to snow, might have to curl up in my jammies and drink tea all weekend….

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