Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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Sil select said

Massive swap from Terriharplady as well as my other swap from mercuryhime! uh back up to 200+ teas sigh

I am at 199 in my cupboard with about 30 teas on the floor of my living room waiting to be catalogued so I feel your pain. Especially since not a single one is close to being a sipdown. And I didn’t put any of my trade goods on it.

Sil select said

i have 75 teas to add to my cupboard from swaps that arrived today lol i was at 190.

If I counted my trades, I’d be in worse shape, so I prefer to ignore them. I drink them all at work anyway, so they don’t count, right?

Sil select said

haha i can’t ignore them..i’m too OCDC about having everything in my steepster cupboard lol

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My Den’s Tea order! Sencha Shin-ryoku and shudei kyusu.

That was fast! How is the kyusu in person? :)

I’m not a pottery connoisseur, but I think it’s lovely. It’s small and nicely glazed and smooth. And the infuser works well. I’m happy to own it!

I think I botched the Sencha Shin-Ryoku trying to use the kyusu and following the instructions exactly (never done that before with Den’s Tea because they recommend too little water). Luckily I received a free sample of the sencha, so it’s not like I’m wasting what I bought.

Oh bummer! I usually use 4 oz of water for my sencha for a short 2 minute or so steep and then get a 2nd steep later on. That seems to work for me. Can’t wait to get my kyusu!

Oh wow they recommend 60 seconds for brewing…I probably kill my tea! haha

I feel that it’s really easy to kill Japanese greens. Worth it when I get it right, though.

Is the shudei kyusu glazed on the inside then too? I thought it was unglazed. It’s hard to tell with the descriptions on the website. Are any of Den’s kyusus unglazed?

The inside is glazed. I haven’t purchased any other teapots from Den’s, but I suppose you could email him about it.

Your question makes me wonder: Does an unglazed interior affect the tea? Is it preferable to a glazed interior in regards to taste?

Unglazed would work like a yixing pot probably…taking on the characteristics of the tea?

I don’t have personal experience, but I’ve read that it is similar to yixing, though not quite to the same extent. I have heard more often of people using unglazed tokoname kyusus for multiple types of tea than using yixings (maybe just coincidence?). There are supposedly a few yixing clay kyusus out there too, to make things really confusing.

Anyway, I assume it enhances the flavor of the teas, hence why I want one. I still need/want a yixing too. :)

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teapot1 said

I received my first order from Whispering Pines Tea Co…These teas smell pretty AWESOME!

Ohhhhh what did you get? Please say you got some of The Sleeping bear blend.

teapot1 said

I received……
Jasmine Coconut
Formosa Oolong
Clari Tea
White Elderberry

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infused1 said

My Zen Tea order arrived today. I love that it was sent in a box that just fit in my apartment-sized mailbox, so I didn’t have to travel 30 min to the post office. I really want to try some of them, but I’ll have to wait, as I got home really late and the caffeine will keep me up. Tomorrow, however, Coconut Oolong, Toffee Dream, and Coconut Green are on the agenda. And maybe Bossa Nova. They all smell so good.

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Kaylee said

Got my Butiki order. I had it delivered to work so I wouldn’t have to explain yet another tea package at home. Not the best idea I’ve ever had, since I got way overexcited about it and a) not everyone I meet between the front desk and my office needs to know that I have new tea, and b) it’s hard to be decorous when I’m happy about tea while bad, sad things are happening.

So my heart goes out to everyone in Boston and I hope that you & yours are all safe tonight. And also I have pistachio ice cream and potato pancake tea that I am happy to share with you.

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Un-tea related (yea I said that), I got part of my mom’s mother’s day gift yesterday. A copy of Sharkwater. Man she’s gonna be sooo stoked.

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Anyanka said

My chado teas came today. Twelve big one ounce samples, largely flavored blacks.
I’m excited!

Sil select said

i stlil need to check them out. on my list.

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I got my first tea pot! A cute little white 16oz deal with a metal mesh strainer :)

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A surprise package of tea, lipgloss, and candy from Lala!! Thank you!!

How sweet :)

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Finally got my sampler kit from Dens Tea. It took forever to get here! I love the little booklet that comes with it, very informative.

Yay! I loved mine :)

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