Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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MelissaTea said

My Zen Tea order arrived. Ten wonderful ‘sample’ sizes to indulge on.

That’s the best :)

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Finally got my Whispering Pines order. So excited. It came in a big plastic silver pouch like an oversized tea pouch. I got it just before I had to leave for work but I couldn’t resist opening it. Only the first thing I smelled was catnip (to me at least) which wasn’t what I was expecting. LOL! I still have high hopes for how they’ll taste though.

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yyz said

A lot of tea.

My Pure Aroma order along with 3 samples. What’s nice is that if you order in multiples of 10g they send you your order in separate 10g bags instead of combining them into one. ( Great for keeping things fresh or for trading if you find you don’t like the tea.)

2 Rooibos Teas from LuxBerry. They’re in Winnepeg and offer free shipping of tea within Canada.

Samples of bagged tea and a catalogue from Basilur who are setting up an e-store in Canada which they are hoping to have online in about a month.

A new adaptor for my computer which is good because my old one just died.

Sil select said

sounds fantastic :)

Hallieod said

Ah, now I understand why you said you probably will like the Wendy tea! That does sound like a wonderful day with the post. :)

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My first Golden Moon tea order! Coconut Pouchong with samples of white Persian melon,sugar caramel oolong and peach oolong :D

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My pound of Jaclyns Cocomint Tea from Simpson and Vail, I had an amazingly delicious pot of it as soon as I opened it.

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teapot1 said

I received an AWESOME swap from Courtney! She was super generous and I’m preparing a cup of Bamboozled (Davids). She also sent Tung Ting Vietnam (Butiki) and Peach Oolong (Davids). Thank you, Courtney!

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Again not related to tea, the second part of my mom’s Mother’s Day gift. Her shark adoption certificate.

Lala said

Wow,I want to adopt a shark! How did you go about that?

Sil select said

OMG you have to share more on this. One of my dear friends would freak if i did that for him

Dude! How would one go about adopting a shark? I’d love to adopt a shark…or get one for a gift for my boss who loves sharks…and is alternately terrified of them. Lol!

There are a few places online, but a lot seemed sketchy. So I checked out some links on the sharkwater website. I ended up going with Shark Trust, they’re based in the UK. With shipping it was about $60. She got a certificate which you can personalize. A car sticker, tons of info, an 8×10 picture of a great white (they have a few different types of sharks to choose from), & some post cards.

It took about a week to get here.

I also got her a copy of the Sharkwater documentary. It’s a Canadian documentary, same guy who did Revolution, which just came out. I got it on Amazon for $8

DaisyChubb said

I got to see a prescreening of Revolution – it’s a real eye opener, just like Sharkwater was in 2007!

My mom & I are going to see it this week! Can’t wait.

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Sil select said

Shared order from puraroma – hello 20+ teas lol best thing? only took 6 business days to arrive here in canada AND the sample packages are reseable! Just made my life so much easier :)

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Nothing since Monday. * pout * (Anxiously awaiting the new Della Terra order.)

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My Verdant Tea Sampler arrived! So excited to try all of them.

Glad to hear everything arrived safely. Hope you enjoy them!

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