Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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My swap from Vanilla Beans came today.
Prairie Berry
Glitter & Gold
Northern Lights

Ohhhhh, what a great swap! I have Checkmate, Glitter & Gold, and Northern Lights all on my list for my next order. And I LOVE Prairie Berry.

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Katiek said

Today was a good day! I got a package from Della Terra including some teas I got to give a friend for Valentine’s Day. I also got my Amazon order with some Nina’s teas which had a set of four smaller tins. Can’t wait to try them all!

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NofarS said

My Lao Cong Zi Ya from the wonderful Norbu tea arrived yesterday. This was the last purchase I made from them – I cleaned out their entire stock of this delightful tea :)

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This morning I received my first order from Pure Aroma Tea. Everything looks great: good packaging, nicely labelled with brewing instructions and description plus each pouch including 10g samples has a resealable tab.

They have some lovely sounding teas on their website, I purchased: Wendy Tea, Keemun Spruce, Kenya Milima, Strawberry & Kiwi, Irish Breakfast full leaf tea, Yunnan Pu-Erh, Summer blend, Japanese cherry, White tea raspberry and ginseng and lastly Earl Grey blue flowers.

Plenty of tea there to keep myself busy :)

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Della Terra order; 4 oz each of smores and oatmeal raisin cookie

Swap from Vanilla Beans; pumpkin chai, chicory dicory dock, red velvet cake, toasted marshmallow

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darky said

my first cantontea order arrived after 2 weeks, way longer then usual shipments from uk take… and the box was trashed totally with the tape that holds it together half loose and all. I was shocked when i saw the box my parents had accepted but the tea was intact !

So now i can finally try

Canton Chai (Organic)
50g Foil Bag
BL02815 1
Giddapahar China Delight First Flush Darjeeling
50g Foil Bag
BL00115 1
Organic Arya Ruby First Flush Darjeeling
50g Foil Bag
BL02515 1
Bai Lin Gong Fu Black Tea
50g Foil Bag
BL00515 1

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I got my Nina’s samples in the mail yesterday AND my swap with T.C.

I’m having fun trying and reviewing all the new teas! Yay!

T.C. said

yay for samples!

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Gah, my order from DavidsTea is out for delivery today!

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Maria said

Yesterday I received my order from Ovation Teas – although I did not order any tea, but rather their two bodum products (glass mug with strainer and traveling french press). Does anybody know how viable an option it is to put loose leaf tea in the traveling press and take it with me? I feel as though the tea will continue to steep even once I’ve pressed down the plunger.

Making tea in a french press…why did I never think of this before? Great idea! Not sure about whether it’d continue to steep though…

Uniquity said

I don’t personally enjoy tea in a french press as I am quite sensitive to bitterness and I find it does continue to steep (however slowly) BUT I know there are some Steepsterites who primarily brew in a french press. I think it’s a personal preference.

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Oh, I got it already! Lime Gelato, Merry Cranberry, Hot Lips, Ceylon Star, Forever Nuts, and Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait. And I got samples of Coco Chai Rooibos, The Skinny, and Chocolate Chili Chai. Yay, tea!

So many goodies in there!

Oh, I forgot to include that I also got 100g of Cookie Dough. Silly me!

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