Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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Sil select said

Some awesome swaps from Kittylovestea, Lala and Shmiracles I don’t know where to start!!!!!!!

Lala said

Well that’s quite the haul. You are going to have to restart your sipdowns :P

Sil select said

some amaaaaazing teas in my bags. 6 more swaps on the way too lol

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teapot1 said

Yesterday I received my Verdant and NMTC tea orders AND my Takeya iced tea maker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so excited! making tea for tomorrow now!!!!!!!

Tealizzy said

Nice! They still haven’t shipped my iced tea maker yet.

ifjuly said

that is an awesome day indeed!

teapot1 said

Tealizzy, I received a shipping notification on Sunday so they shipped yesterday…I hope you get yours SOON! It’s kind of GREAT!!!

Yes, ifjuly…AWESOME!

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Fiddling said

I received my swap from Sil in the mail today. Now I have so many awesome new teas to try! :)

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Zeks said

Finally received January and February packages of Verdant’s Reserve Club

This is going to be fun :)

ifjuly said

ooh jealous!

So glad to see they all arrived safely!!

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Got my Della Terra order today! Woot!

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Sil select said

My swap from JackieT and i got to pick up my orders from my tea mule today!So i can finally get my remaining swaps out the door this weekend!

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Samples from Teavivre arrived, woot!
Was confused as inside the box was on big Teavivre bag, but inside was a bunch of sample packets! YAY!

Inside, Golden Monkey Black, Da Hong Pao Wuyi Oolong, Bai Hao Oolong, Silver needle white, ripe chrysanthemum and rose pu’er tuochas.

Chizakura said

So excited for my Teavivre stuff to get here too. I’m also getting Golden Monkey black, and a few other things. So exciteeeeddd :D

Uniquity said

I love their Golden Monkey and Big Red Robe. Enjoy!

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Peppermint said

I just got my first online order!

Butiki tea:

Flowery Pineapple oolong
Castleton Moonlight Darjeeling
Pu Erh Tuo Cha
Hattialli Golden Lion Assam
Giddapahar Darjeeling Extra

Verdant Tea:

Earl Of Anxi
Autumn Harvest Laoshan Green

Thankyou for the samples Butiki and Verdant!

Sil select said

Awesome! Two great companies :)

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I need help! I’ve been in a tea rut and I need to order some new tea. Any suggestions? I’ve been so busy with life that I’ve been neglecting my tea stash and now I hardly have any loose leaf tea anymore. I stopped in Whole Foods yesterday hoping that they would have some but no such luck.

My best advice for a tea rut…is to SPOIL yourself. I indulge in ordering DAVIDs dessert teas or I spend time exploring the highest rated dessert teas on here and just go ahead and treat myself. Or a swap!! That will get you moving again!!

Sil select said

Butiki teas! or steap shoppe! or the next tea place you see that goes on sale lol just to make it random :)

Hallieod said

My comment was supposed to be in reply to you, Tea and Trees but Steepster ate it a few times, so sorry about the thread-missing.

Dexter said

LOL you have a couple of teas from Whispering Pines on your shopping list. I’ve never ordered from them, but was looking at their site last night, and have also put some on my want list. That could be a fun place to start. As Hallieod mentioned, New Mexico Tea also has an extensive list of what I think look like fun tea. If you are looking for more straight teas, you can’t go wrong with Verdant. Hope you find something you like.

Tea and trees, because I saw that Dexter said you had Whispering Pines on your shopping list, I checked your list. BUY, go quickly…. no run & buy Sleeping Bear blend. Do it, do it NOW!!

You guys are brilliant, I have completely forgotten about the shopping list! The last Sleeping Bear blend that I bought lost its flavor quite quickly. I also bought 4 oz of the Blackmint Blend and after only a few weeks in my cupboard, the flavor was almost completely gone.

How were you storing them?
Mine held flavour for a long time. I also really love campfire blend…. num num num

I ran out of tins so I was just storing them in the bag they came in. The first order of tea I got from him lasted a long time but I was so disappointed by that last order!

Thank you friends, I ended up ordering Good Morning Sunshine and The Killer’s Vanilla from Butiki!

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Hallieod said

Fun question! Virtual shopping won’t add to anyone else’s cupboards. :)

As well as what’s been suggested, Pure Aroma Teas is having a sale of 25% off all black teas for the next few days. I’ve really liked all the black teas I’ve tried from them so far and their shipping is very reasonable.

Also, a new friend on the Tea Buying Hiatus Support Group (ah, the irony) added a few teas from the New Mexico Tea Co that sounded really good and now I want ALL the teas from there (in ALL the TINS).

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