Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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I received my Verdant orders on Saturday, and, with it, my first gaiwan!!

Rie said

Wow, congratulations on your first gaiwan!! :D


I bounced around all day long. I’ve been wanting one for months!

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I got my Butiki order today! Watermelon Xylophone and Silver Needle with some lovely samples I can’t wait to try. Just finishing up my Oolong from the work day before I dive into trying the new goodness!

Watermelon Xylophone is my favorite!

It’s good! Perfect for summer.

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I got 1 oz spring harvest Laoshan green, samples of black chocolate genmaicha, and 5 year aged tie guan yin, and a tiny adorable fish and lotus cup from Verdant in the mail today :D

Rie said

Sounds like you’re getting lots of cute teaware! (^-^)

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I got home from class this afternoon expecting to get my mystery swap from Moraiwe and there in the basket was also my order from Della Terra that shower up 2 days early!!! I was in heaven!!!

In my Della Terra order I received:
-oatmeal raisin cookie
-white chocolate
-apple cinnamon yogurt
-grapefruit fusion
-wonders of Kashmir
And an extra sample from them too!!
-chocolate chai!

I can’t wait to try my mystery teas from Moraiwe! I finished packaging all my swaps and mystery swaps today and will have them in the mail tomorrow for you all! They are my first swap victims so wish me luck!!


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I got another mystery swap in the mail. this time from Shelley_Lorraine!! Can’t wait to try them!! So many I don’t even know where to start!!


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Sil select said

I received tea from Hallieod! She sent along a little Steven Smith to brighten my day :)

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ifjuly said

so excited—got my infuser travel mug and my matcha tools! can’t wait for tomorrow when i can try them out.

That’s an interesting design. Gotta let us know how it works out!

ifjuly said

Initial thoughts, albeit not with a full proper test-run out in the wild (I was too excited and had to try it at home last night, drank my rooibos dessert teas in it while doing a Chuck marathon on the couch, hee):

1) I love the clever design! The infuser basket is fine enough no particles got through, and I was drinking rooibos which is pretty fine. The simple “flip it to stop it” does in fact work, no leaking.

That said, I wouldn’t try to drink the tea with the infuser basket in it while actually on the move (and the fact it has to be unscrewed with the top totally open speaks to this as well), so in that regard it isn’t as useful/versatile as the Aladdin one would be (I really wish the quality of the Aladdin was better because if it was it’d be perfect), but it’s ideal if you’re the sort of person who wants to make a big mug of tea at home just before heading off to work, keep it from oversteeping in the car by simply flipping it, and then when you get into the office you can remove the basket (bonus: the screw top can serve as your infuser basket holder while you drink your tea) and enjoy your first cup at work immediately with the plus that since it has the basket you can keep making more tea all day and simply flipping it if you’re in the middle of things—the flip thing lets you make it, get busy/distracted without oversteeping or having to actually go through removing the basket immediately every time.

2) Pro: it is extremely easy to wash and can be thrown in the dishwasher to boot.

3) The “waistline” design is comfortable in my hands; I don’t feel like it will slip and drop.

4) I really like the pale green color.

5) Pro: It makes a nice generous amount of tea (it holds something like 17oz), just about right for the optimal use described above (if you were doing the whole “big extremely heat-holding thermos sans basket”, with all the tea you brew at home first for the entire day poured into it, you’d want something larger probably, but this is ideal for a “get you up and running and then maybe brew languidly some more once at your destination” situation, which I personally prefer because I like variety and drinking more than one type of tea during the day).

6) Con: even with the silicone sleeve it is uncomfortably hot the first few moments it’s got boiling water in it, like the duration of steep time plus a few minutes.

I feel like I need this now.
I always end up over steeping my travel mug on the way to work. This would easily prevent that. hmmmm

Thanks for the review! I’m on the lookout for something for my commute. I spend an hour on the express bus plus either a subway ride or a long walk. This looked like a good choice, but I was wondering about drinking from it. I would not like to have to open the whole end! Now I know! :-)

ifjuly said

tattooed_tea, the “very hot at first” thing might be a dealbreaker. Just a heads up…

Fuzzy_Peachkin, no problem! I like detailed candid reviews of products myself, so I thought I’d try to be thorough. Yeah, it’s definitely not a “sip in your car” thing.

I own one of the mug tails from DAVIDs, I have to let my tea cool before I pick it. So I may be ok. I’ll take hot hands over, over steeped tea.

I have that tumbler, it’s amazing! I love it for cold steeps and iced tea

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My Steeper!!! I’m making more tea than ever with this baby!!

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My swap from adagio breeze!

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Dexter said

I got a wonderful, awesome, swap box from Hallieod today. I just love that she’s included some samples from companies that I’m not familiar with!! Thank you so much.!!!!

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