Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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infused1 said

In the last two days I’ve received my orders from Zen Tea, Butiki, The Persimmon Tree, and tealux. One tea was missing from my tealux order, but the rest looks great. I like the new packaging Zen Tea and tealux are using, even for their sample sizes.

I’m just not sure what to try first. I got 50 teas (many sample sized), about 1/2 new to me.

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I got my very first butiki order in the mail!!!
-watermelon xylophone
-grapefruit dragon
-coconut cream pie
And free samples of:
-flowery pineapple oolong
-birthday cake
Yay I am so excited to dig into this order!!

Oh nice, watermelon xylophone is one of my ultimate favorites – such a great looking tea and tastes so yummy!

I LOVE Flowery Pineapple Oolong!!! You’re gonna love that order!

I have had the watermelon xylophone before in a swap and I loved it!!!! The flowery pineapple oolong looks sooooo pretty:)

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I got my first order from Wan Ling Tea House. I received:
Jiu Jiu Jiu Guan Yin (Spring 2011) 50g
Rohini First Flush Darjeeling (2012) 50g
Sheng Qi Zi Bing “Mang Fei Mountain” 2009 – 50g
Long Jing Ming Qian Spring (ordered 2011 but they were out of stock so I received 2013)
Also got Thurbo First Flush 2011 which has a use by date of August 2013 so they sent me two for the price of one which was half price anyway.

Also got 5 generous samples too.

Very happy :) Tried the Thurbo Darjeeling and it’s delicious.

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Sil select said

As predicted, a bunch of things showed up at my house at the same time…

Samples from Nina’s Paris!
Mini travelling BBB box from Terri
Swap from Nicole!

Dinosara said

Yay for you! But sad for your cupboard, haha!

Sil select said

Oh god don’t remind me….I’m too swamped with work to open them yet but I’m a bit afraid….butiki order I get on Monday as well from my tea mule…and then there’s still a teavivre order inbound as well as a second box from Terri lol oh and ill be placing an order with Stacy very very very very very very soon to pick up my tea!!

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Woohoo! Got my swap from Veronica today. Thanks Veronica! :D

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Dinosara said

Yay, new Lupicia iced tea handy cooler (half size). I have the tea sample it came with cold brewing in it now.

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My Red Leaf Matcha Samples came. I literally don’t know where to start! And how. Do I review each one on Steepster if they are only numbered? Maybe I ’ll just have too keep a private log on these.

I was wondering the same thing.

Sil select said

“random steepings” maybe..and then just indicate in the comments, the number?

Or we could create our own listing as “Matcha Samples” so that anyone doing it could join in and just indicate whch sample number they are reviewing

I just created a listing as “Matcha Sample” to track my notes, so feel free to join in Short Sorceress.

Thanks, I’ve added it to my cupboard so I can start on them when I’m done with Traveling Tea Box C.

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My della terra order came in today!! As well as my swap with Stephanie!! Yay I am soo happy! I am in the process of moving will give more detail tomorrow night :)


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My TeaVivre anniversary sale order came in today. I’m now the proud owner of the cutest travel gaiwan, a ton of samples, as well as a reorder of Peach Jasmine Dragon Pearls.

Mmm peach jasmine dragon pearls sound good

I highly recommend them. They’re a great summer tea :)

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I’m not sure if this should’ve been put in the orders thread or here. But seeing as I have it in hand, I figure here is best. Lol.
I went into the city today for the Ginza Festival held at the Midwest Buddhist Temple in Chicago with my Mom. We were only a few minutes away from a Davids Tea so I convinced her to let me stop in. I kinda wish she had said ‘No we’re going home’ since I ended up leaving with almost $25 worth of tea. Lol.

1oz Nepal Black ($5.87)
1oz Fantasy Island ($4)
1oz Prairie Berry ($5.37)
.9oz Stormy Night & Ceylon Star (These were in a 2 for $5 bin that the clerk added to as I was shuffling through them)
2oz Mamma Mia (Also in the 2 for $5 bin, but because it was just the one, it was $3)

Most of these aren’t anything I probly would’ve even gotten if I was ordering online, but they smelled so good in the store. Lol. Originally I was only planning on getting a half ounce of any teas I decided on, but the clerk was like ‘Well, we don’t really like doing such low amounts since it’s only like 2 or 3 cups worth and if you want to experiment there’s not much there’ and because I don’t like ‘arguing’ I just caved and got an ounce of each. I should’ve stuck to my guns and gotten the half ounce of each ‘cause now I’m kinda regretting getting this much tea of stuff I’ve never tried before. Especially the Nepal Black because it was cost alot more than what she had originally told me when I asked. I didn’t notice until I checked the receipt on the way home. /sigh/ At least she was spot on with the measuring. Lol.

infused1 said

I pass a David’s Tea twice a day. When I first went in there I thought you could only get larger amounts, so ordered 50g of teas. I got a couple I didn’t really enjoy (and some I did). Then I came on Steepster and read about others getting small quantities. Now I go in and get 10 – 15g of new teas I want to try. No one’s ever given me any trouble about it, and a few cups worth is enough to find out if I like it or not.

I hope you end up liking your teas, but do stick to your guns next time. They’re not going to NOT sell you the smaller amount.

Twice a day? Wow. I don’t think I could resist not going in when I passed by. Lol.
Definitely next time I’m going to be firm about only wanting a certain amount. But it’s not like it’s the end of the world or something. If I don’t end up liking one of them, I’ll hopefully be able to swap it out to someone here. Lol.

Uniquity said

You used to be able to return tea to a Davids (for credit, I think). That might help you get through it!

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