Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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Dexter said

My very first Teavivre order came. Soooo excited. I wasn’t expecting. I didn’t pay for shipping, I chose the free option and it was something like 15-22 business days. Order shipped on the 14th got it today!!! I’ve had orders from the US take that long. I got several teas and a Yixing tea set.

kb.tea said

Not bad on the shipping time! My order shipped on the 1st and I just got it yesterday.

Dexter said

I was really surprised that I got it so soon. Wasn’t even looking for it yet. Was a nice little bonus in the mail. :))

Uniquity said

The little yixing and sharing pitcher look very cute!

Dexter said

Thank you, it was really reasonable. I now have two of them, really need to pick teas to season them with so that I can start using them. :))

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I got my first ever STEEP CITY order in the mail that I placed with moraiwe and jakefolk. I also got my beyond gernous swap from Janelle in the mail as well….wowzah! What a great tea day. I am drowning in tea.

Janelle’s DAVIDsTEA Palooza swap!! :D[email protected]/9611717538/

And drum roll please………….
the anticipation………
….[email protected]/9611717906/

MY VERY FIRST (yet shared) STEEP CITY ORDER!!!![email protected]/9611721702/

The Lineup:[email protected]/9608485399/

I even splurged for a tin:) and I asked for a label and was sad at first when I opened the box to see no label included until this:D[email protected]/9611719068/

Whoooooaaaaaa! That’s a LOT of tea :) thanks for sharing pics!

Im so excited for our swap!!!

haha that’s really cute what Steep City did with the labels!

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Dinosara said

My swap from wheezybee came today, yay!

wheezybee said


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RogersCK said

Received my package from Lariel today:

Swiss Mountain Rooibos – Della Terra
Shamrock & Roll – Della Terra
Chocolate Cherry – Adagio Custom Blend
and a surprise black tea

The surprise is Assam from NMTC.

RogersCK said

Awesome, thanks :)

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Javan said

Yunnan Sourcing came through with a cake of 2013 Ai Lao mountain sheng (green) pu-erh, and a pu-erh pick to pry apart the leaves with. I’m building a vertical collection of Ai Lao mountain sheng pu-erh to have as I and it ages. US website description is here:

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Cavocorax said

I received my samples from Justea’s Indiegogo campaign!
Just in time as tomorrow is the last day to get mail at this address!

Aside from the 3 15g samples, they also sent me 2 smaller ones to gift to friends/family. :D

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Yesterday I dove to my old town to pick up my handmade tea subscription package done my mom also when I came home my swap from Stephanie came and also my Verdant tea order came in!!! Yay yay yay sooooo much tea that I have no room for at all.
And I’m traveling all weekend I visit family and attend a funeral so here is my cute little Togo tea stash <3
And brought my tea press travel mug to do steepings on the go.

RogersCK said

That sounds like a lot of tea. Pictures are not loading for me though.

Anyway, enjoy!

Nice pics! I like your vintagey looking travel tin :)

Thanks it’s an actually tin from a long time ago I picked up at a vintage store in Colorado when I went there in July. I love it!

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yyz said

Very generous samples of Della Terra’s Lime Chiffon and 52 teas Pina Colada Honeybush from Courtney

Thanks so much! I’ve always wanted to try them.

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Katiek said

My new David’s Tea animal mug and the apple tea from the new fall teas.

Chizakura said

I want that mug too! :D How cute is it in real life?

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Mint Julep and Oh Canada (David’s Tea) from Courtney.

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