Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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yyz said

My JusTea samples and this caddy from an Aliexpress dealer[email protected]/9684267034/in/set-72157635395619411

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Chizakura said

Hooray, Butiki arrived! :) Just in time too, I was just thinking about how I wanted to get a cup of tea going. Came much earlier than I expected, which is always an awesome surprise! :)

6oz Premium Taiwanese Assam
2oz Premium Taiwanese Assam upgrade
2oz Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black
1oz Organic Guranse
1oz Black Lotus
2oz Pumpkin crème brulee

Samples: Raspberry Truffle, Three Friends, Classic Earl Grey, Organic Spring Twist

Super excited! :D

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wheezybee said

My Breville!!!

And a fantastic order from Verdant, which will keep me in Hand Picked Autumn Tieguanyin and Bergamot Rose Laoshan Black for a little while… among other things!

Excellent! Glad to see your teas made it safely to you :)

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Rosehips said

Got a Harney & Sons order in, with 4 oz of the following-
Rose Scented
Boston Blend
Fruits d’alsace (Which had been dented and popped open in shipping. Fortunately I had an empty tea tin on hand and immediately decanted it into the new container)

And samples of Queen Catherine, Hot Cinnamon Spice, Rooibos Chai, and Valentines Blend.

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boychik said

I got stush reduction from Nicole
Thank you so much Nicole for sharing with me such fine teas

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yyz said

My second Rizhao Black tea from an Aliexpress dealer! So far this one is more heavier roasted and has more cocoa nib flavour in it. It tastes a little bit like Ovaltine.

I like Ovaline! Sounds good

yyz said

It is really good. It has similarities in flavour to the Laoshan teas but is a little sweeter, less bitter/brownie like and not quite as robust.

I got this one from this shop.

It’s a lot of tea but it comes packed in sample size bags (great for keeping it fresh and travelling with it).

Most of the Rizhao tea sold online is green tea sometimes sold as Sunfall tea or sunshine tea, but if your interested I can pm you a list of some other dealers that sell it as well, sometimes in smaller amounts.

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Dexter said

I love getting tea in the mail, and I especially love getting tea in the mail two days in a row. Today was my Tealux order. Tons of new black teas to try. This makes me happy.


Chizakura said

like :)

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I got the Stash Reduction from Nicole, and it is wonderful!! I am drinking the Almond Cream by Capitol Teas right now! Post to come later!

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Iridium said

Part of my job is sorting the mail that comes into my dorm, and I always like seeing people getting letters that look exciting (maybe because I never do…). So today, when I saw a fat little envelope with cute little porcupine stamps, I naturally looked to see who it was for…

… and imagine my surprise when it was for me! It was Lala sending me a couple of matchas she didn’t like, and it pretty much made my day. =]

Lala said

Awesome! The only thing better than getting mail, is getting tea in the mail!

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darby select said

Stash reduction from Nicole!!! Lots of teas to try now. Thanks!

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