Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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yyz said

ebay purchase 50g jin jun mei from huiyanvs2011. The seller was actually pretty good he shipped really quickly and included almost the same amount of wild Wuyi black as a bonus, especially nice as it was an auction and I paid the minimum amount for the tea.

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Tealizzy said

OMG! Best mail day EVER!!

I got my Butiki order, and I’m literally jumping up and down right now with excitement. So hard to decide which one to try first! I think I might go for the carrot cake tea! YIPPEE!!!

I also got the Lupicia newsletter with tea sample, and an issue of Tea Time magazine, which might be from my mom. AWESOME!


Fantastic! I hope you enjoy your mail! :D

Double :D !!! Yay! So jealous!

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OMGsrsly said

My Verdant blends club is at the post office.

Unfortunately, I was spoiled and know two of the teas include mint. Blech, mint. I might pick it up tomorrow. Sadly, I’m really not excited about it any more.

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My swap from kimquat came today! Yay! Yours will be in the mail tomorrow I promise! Just been super busy and still fighting this flu.

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This was actually a few days ago, but I got my free samples from Single Origin Teas. Yay! Pretty generous sample as far as I can tell without dumping the package out, though I don’t care for the packaging itself (plastic lined paper bag with a little window to see the tea.) You can smell the tea through the packaging which is nice after you open it, but definitely not good for possible long term storage.
I wasn’t sure how many I could request, so I just sent them a list of what I was interested in. I got 5 samples from what they have on site and one sample of a tea they said was being reworked and if I could give them feedback on it.
I was pretty excited for this, but unfortunately I’m kinda off tea at the moment, which makes me sad. Actually off everything right now it seems but hopefully I’ll get over it soon.

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keychange said

Shadowfall, I hope you feel better soon, especially with these samples waiting for you!

I got my order from the tea merchant yesterday. Biodynamic Darjeeling and earl grey crème. I’m not allowing myself to open the box yet though until I make my way through some of the other teas I have.

Hey- Did my box to you arrive?

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Yay my first order from Verdant has arrived! And just in time for my birthday weekend. I think I got an extra Laoshan Black instead of a Laoshan Green in my five for five sampler, but it’s still a good deal, so I don’t really mind.

I’m also waiting on my first order from Adagio, so I’m gonna be swimming in new tea pretty soon :)

Laoshan Green is my favorite though! I hope you get to try it some day :)

Yeah, I’m kinda bummed, but my Adagio order also just came in, so I have tons of new teas to distract me! I’ll be sure to get back to it later.

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boychik said

Mount Gray by Damn Fine Tea with cute dinosaur magnet
Delicious . I was searching for good EG for long time but I think it’s over

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Just got my Harney order that was inspired by their offer of free shipping for orders of $25+. I was dying for more Tower of London, so I ordered that, a sample of Golden Monkey, and tins of Boston Blend, Irish Breakfast and Queen Catherine. I had more I wanted to order, but I will wait for another sale. It arrived ten minutes ago and I already have some Queen Catherine steeping!

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My latest Adagio order came today.

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