Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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I got my tiny Yixing teapot from Teavivre today!

This is the one I got:

Thanks TheTeaFairy and everyone else who recommended vendors. I feel a new addiction coming on, so I expect I’ll be trying some of the other options in the near future. ;-)

Yay! Congrats Morgana!!

OMG you got it super fast!! Did you go to China to pick it up yourself??

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do :-) Sadly, I broke 2 in the last month, but managed to keep this one intact, lol!

And yes, easy to become addicted, been having itchy fingers all over again… (Well I do have to replace the broken ones, don,t you agree??)

scribbles said

Nice!! Jealous ’cos on list of need want. Enjoy!

TF, I know, I was so surprised! I expected it to come on the slow boat. LOL. But it only took about a week from ordering to arrival, and it was packed so amazingly, they could have used it to play hockey and it wouldn’t have broken. Now I need to prepare for the seasoning part. So excited! Seems like this is a favorite for shu, so I think I will use it for that and I hope I’ll finally feel encouraged to break out some of my pu-erh collection I’ve been avoiding… because daunted. (But then I need one for sheng, and one for green oolong and one for toasty oolong and and and and…) Fingers are definitely itching and it is only a matter of time. Of course you need to replace the broken ones. Is that a serious question? ;-)

scribbles, thanks, I am looking forward to much fun! Will cross fingers that you get to cross it off your list soon.

Kamyria said

Oh, it’s beautiful… enjoy! I don’t have a yixing yet so this year I’m planning on getting the first. I love Teavivre’s collection.

Thanks so much, Kamyria!

It’s good to know they pack it so well. I would like to get a gaiwan from them, possibly with cups, once I decide to order :)

The yixing pot is lovely!

Kat, it was a truly amazing packing job. Oh, and I forgot to mention my two tea samples (free with purchase). I picked two that were very highly rated here, Yun Nan Dian Hong and Superfine Tan Yang Gong Fu. Haven’t tried them yet but looking forward to it.

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Red Leaf Tea matcha sample came today- Acai berry. Looks like the samples are 5 servings each, FYI!

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boychik said

i finally got my partial package from Vente-Privee Fauchon teas i ordered on feb3. huge box unpaded with 4 tins. one was opened and tea was spilled all over. i made a phone call, send a pic and they took care of it. i still dont have Chocolate Eclaire;(

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I received my Zen Tea order!

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Cavocorax said

My surprise pack from MissB came in! I can’t believe how much she stuffed in there. I suspect she made no money on me, but I am really happy. I can tell she went through my shopping list and put a bit of thought into what to send!

Thank you! :D

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Courtney said

I got a lovely package from VariaTEA with Irish Cream Cheesecake (Butiki) and a sample of Marshmallow Snowflake EG (Herbal Infusions). Yum!

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I got an email saying that my package from Teavivre arrived, but apparently the postman didn’t deliver the package. I was home at the time, and they didn’t even leave a paper pickup notice! So steamed.

Anyways, the post office will have my item to pick up tomorrow. And then I’ll have my oolong samples and a nice new glass teapot.

Courtney said

I had the same thing with my TeaVivre order. I asked at the post and evidently TeaVivre requires a signature, hence why mine wasn’t left there. I also didn’t get a paper notice. Mine was at the post the same night though, but I only knew because I checked the online tracking. :)

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Sushi said

I received my DavidsTea perfect infusers today. YAY! The free samples were assam banaspaty, vanilla rooibos, and strawberry rhubarb parfait. No other teas ordered by me because I’m currently on a tea-buying hiatus. Who knew this would be a sneaky way to acquire more…

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boychik said

i got an awesome package from TeaPet. made my day. Thank you.

I’m just glad it got there safely in the far off wonderland of another borough! :p

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I received my 3 free samples from Yezi Tea and I also got a box with my green tea sampler from Den’s Tea. Woohoo!!! Double delivery of tea.

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