Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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A single tuo of 2010 Xiaguan Xiao Fa.
Not terribly exciting but that’s what I got.

And the next day I got: 2016 Xiaguan Le Song toucha.

Death Sips said

Got my first order from today. Just a few samples and a Xiaguan YiJi Tuo ’05. Samples include 2 7542, one dry and one wet stored, the infamous Smoky Lee(which they do not have an entire cake anymore sadly) an Yiwu from ’04 and a Nannuo and Bada blend. They were nice enough to include two samples from their own production.

I already broke into the Xiaguan tuo and although the first steeps hit me like a truck, it mellowed out abruptly. I expected a Xiaguan to be more powerful but still I’m happy with it. I’m at steep 10 and it’s sweet, velvety and earthy. It also got me a bit high, so I shouldn’t really complain.

This week I also got the December white2tea club offering, which made me think how viable huang pian is for someone on a tight budget. I’m still waiting for my larger w2t order I made on November! and still didn’t get. It’s here though, it will most likely arrive next week.

I’m also waiting for an order from Green Tea Guru, which includes this very cheap teapot . I’m not expecting top notch quality but I need a pot for young sheng and experimentation.

Death Sips said

Now that’s how you start a week: 2 orders combo!

What do you guys think of the 2011 7542? Is it the real deal? According to the vendor, it’s been “dry stored” in Guangdong since 2011. That’s interesting because I thought that Guangdong is humid. Maybe he refers to the dryer side of the wet storage spectrum.

Another order from arrived. Half a kilo of 2017 Bao Shan Ye Sheng hongcha. I am not a big drinker of hongcha myself but this one is very tasty. My wife is a big time dianhong fan and she loves it.

AllanK said

The other day I made a trip to David’s Teas to redeem my free teas. The five 2oz pouches were free. Today I got Liquid Proust’s Taobao Madness group buy in the mail.

AllanK said

Yesterday I got a small order in from Tea Gschwendner in the mail. I wanted to try their rock sugar to see if it was as good as Teavana’s rock sugar.

jpr54_ said

I received a few days ago a special baozhong sample pack from floatingleaves.
The tea was purchased for video on Instagram on baozhong a.
I have tried 2 of the 5 teas and they have been above average.

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